Monday, June 13, 2005

Top Ten ways you know you're procrastinating at work...

Actually, I don't have ten. I've only got four at the moment. I was hoping you guys could help me add on. Anyway, my list so far (witout numbers, since I don't know where they'll ultimately fall):

A. You check the blogs on your list every fifteen minutes, hoping for one of your blog-buds to provide you with some news or entertainment

B. You check your non-work email every five minutes looking for any comments that have been left on your blog

C. You google 'asparagus pee' after having eaten pasta with asparagus for lunch and smelling the offending liquid

D. You spend half an hour laughing at the results of said search.


MsPrufrock said...

D. For me it's obsessive email checking. I check my email accounts at least three times an hour when bored.

E. This is so nerdy, but I look at online atlases and learn arcane details about small countries. Ex: the average life expectancy of a woman in Liberia is 49. In those 49 years she is expected to have an average of 6.16 children.

Go forth and procrastinate.

Suz said...

E. You get on Ebay and see how much the most expensive purse is going for ($4,1000). You then scroll the couple of pages to look at the ones in your price range.

Ova Girl said...

G. You google your real name.

H. You google your internet name.

I. You google your blog.

J. You look up stuff about Tom Cruise because you can't believe that your high school idol has become such a train wreck of a human being.

K. This reminds you of high school so you start googling old school friends.

L. You look at your chart on Fertility friend. You look at other people's charts. You compare them.

M. You start a new blog.

N. Lunch!

Em said...

For me its checking the property prices back in Australia and if anyone has psoted any comments on my newish blog.

Also, when I get any test results back for me or my husband I obsessively check the internet for information...dangerous!

Oh...I've also started and trashed about 10 blogs but its my infertility blog that is the one I need to keep up with. It is cathartic.