Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bloodwork n stuff.

My doc's office posts bloodwork results online which I think is super cool as i can just look them up myself without having to speak to anyone.

I'm totally stoked about my numbers - e2 23, FSH 6.5, LH 6.6. LH has never been anywhere close to that before, my last results were 1.7 when I had HA and 2.4 before I conceived Timmy. Interestingly, that's my lowest e2 result - clearly not correlated with HA, for me. I was worried that my FSH might be creeping high, but that's still really good, and I had 16 antral follicles at my AF scan (I wonder if that's where the AF / Aunt Flo moniker originated??) so that's all good news.

Hysteroscopy to check on the fibroid from my saline u/s, and mock transfer tomorrow.

Ducks are getting lined up. Now I just have to get DH to call for a sperm analysis.