Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bloodwork n stuff.

My doc's office posts bloodwork results online which I think is super cool as i can just look them up myself without having to speak to anyone.

I'm totally stoked about my numbers - e2 23, FSH 6.5, LH 6.6. LH has never been anywhere close to that before, my last results were 1.7 when I had HA and 2.4 before I conceived Timmy. Interestingly, that's my lowest e2 result - clearly not correlated with HA, for me. I was worried that my FSH might be creeping high, but that's still really good, and I had 16 antral follicles at my AF scan (I wonder if that's where the AF / Aunt Flo moniker originated??) so that's all good news.

Hysteroscopy to check on the fibroid from my saline u/s, and mock transfer tomorrow.

Ducks are getting lined up. Now I just have to get DH to call for a sperm analysis.


Amanda said...

Wow! Awesome LH!!! Things are lining up (no pun intended) for your BFP soon...I can feel it! xo

Anonymous said...

That's great! I'm really excited for you Nico!

Ceejay said...

Wow, great numbers! I don't think a lower e2 means anything--it's still normal for day 3.

ItsTheWooo2 said...

I used to have hypothalamic amenorrhea, due to massive weight loss + eating a restricted (but not deficient) calorie diet.

Eating more calories obviously helped restroe my cycles, but the most important thing for HA was using bright light therapy. High melatonin mediates both hypothalamic amenorrhea as well as seasonal/hibernational amenorrhea. Women with HA often have high melatonin.

If you use bright light to reduce melatonin levels, your body stimulates LH and FSH.

Bright light also helps conditions of dysfunctional ovulation (e.g. PCOS) because the extra sympathetic nervous system stimulation encourages ovulation by increasing catecholamine levels.

I had very irregular cycles before bright light therapy, now I have them every month and I am pretty sure they are ovulatory.

Also, acetly-l-carnitine and inositol have helped me, but I have a history of PCOS (although at this time I am asymptomatic) so it might be possible this would not help women without an underlying PCOS. Yes, I have both HA and PCOS, which contrary to what doctors will say, it actually isn't that rare to get both, because the underlying cause of both conditions is fragility and dysfunction of the feedback between hypothalamus, pituitary , and ovary. Depending on food and nutrition status many women can have either PCOS or HA, whereas other women find it extremely difficult to develop any type of ovarian dysfunction.

Many women with HA actually have PCOS vulnerabilities as well.

Josey said...

My RE basically requires an E2 below 50 for early in the cycle (CD2/3)... I think all of your numbers are awesome! How sweet that they post online. If only all docs would do that.

Loralei said...

Hope the hysterscopy and mock transfer went well! Your numbers looks fantastic :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nico,

I'm new to your blog--a classic HA sufferer who is TTC--and I was wondering if in your contact with Dr. Welt, she mentioned anything about treatment with leptin to correct reproductive function... I have an appointment with her in August but was interested to know beforehand if this is even an option for the general population... thanks!

Nico said...

Anon May 26 - Leptin seems like a good treatment for HA, but unfortunately it is only available in clinical trials. There is one ongoing right now in the Boston area, but I believe you cannot TTC while you're on it. Would definitely be worth talking to Dr. Welt about it to see if there are other sources. Other than that, I *highly* recommend you try the extended clomid protocol before moving on to injectibles, it has been really successful among women on the HA board at Fertilethoughts. Come join us there for more real-time conversation and a great support group!

Nico said...

Woo - congrats on getting your cycles back :)


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