Saturday, June 04, 2011

We've got a plan, Stan!

Unsurprisingly, this latest cycle was another BFN - also with a bizarrely long LP (BFN at 16dpo so I stopped progesterone that night, didn't get my period until 18dpo!) So I think maybe I don't have any LP problems anymore and will just quit with this progesterone junk.

DH finally got his SA scheduled, and results from that were pretty normal, somewhat to both our surprise. So we're just in the unexplained IF bucket at this point.

I had my followup appointment with Dr. C a few days after that, during which she told me our insurance would probably make us do two cycles of injectibles before we could do IVF, and that the fact that we would do single embryo transfer would not fly with them as a reason to do IVF, as given my age they would be recommending that we transfer two. I tried three times to get her to answer my question as to WHY ovulation induction with injectibles would give us a better chance of pregnancy than natural ovulation (assuming we were aiming for only one mature follicle), and she kept going back to when I had HA and was doing injectibles then, and did not even come close to answering my actual question. By the end I was having a hard time holding back tears. I just felt like she wasn't listening to me at all (not so different from when I first went to see her, I suppose).

So, our plan, as we did NOT want to do injectible cycles, was going to be to ttc naturally for a few more months (maybe with a natural IUI thrown in for shits and giggles), and if no luck, then pay for an IVF cycle on our own, perhaps with a different clinic that had been highly recommended to me. Dr. C did agree to submit to insurance for approval for IVF on a long shot, and said we'd hear on that in a few days.

Well, to my utter shock and astonishment, the insurance coordinator called me back a few days later, and said that we were approved for two IVF cycles straight away! Wow! My friend at work had said that was the case, but Dr. C was so negative about it, i assumed that there was no chance in hell.

So... we'll finish out this hail mary cycle, and then get started on bcp or whatever next cycle, which would put us at ER at the end of July / beginning of August. I'm excited - and a little scared too. But mostly excited and probably way too hopeful.

I did call for an apt at the other clinic - they didn't have any openings until August, and that schedule isn't even out yet so I couldn't actually make one. So I figure we'll see how this cycle goes, and re-evaluate from there, if need be. Hopefully not! (I'm really hoping that I can talk them into a single embryo transfer, otherwise the point may be moot. I am NOT transferring more than one.)


Ceejay said...

Congrats on the approval! That's so silly that they would make you transfer 2--haven't they heard of the extra costs incurred by twin pregnancies? It seems like there should be a way around that.

Josey said...

I'm not a huge fan of Dr. C based on what you've said, but that is SO great that you get 2 rounds of IVF covered. Hopefully the 1st one is the charm!

Kristen said...

Wow, Nico! I am just now catching up with your blog. Had no idea you were even thinking about IVF.... glad you have a plan!

Anonymous said...

Yay for a plan! I love having plans, it feels so much more like things are moving forward and in control. That is FABULOUS about the 2 IVF cycles, how great!

I am also not a huge fan of Dr. C based on what you've said. I hate it when doctors don't really listen to you or answer the question that you actually asked. Hopefully she works her magic, anyway! And if not, glad to hear there is a backup plan with the other clinic.

Yay Nico!!!!

English Cat said...

Hi Nico! I posted for a bit on the ff boards but was finding it too stressful so I've been out of touch with how you're doing. Sorry things have been hard for you but I'm glad there is a plan - and yay for insurance! I'm glad that you get to do the treatment you wanted as well - I think I would have been in tears myself with that RE!

Anonymous said...

Nico - Come on Hail Mary cycle!! As you very well know, sometimes it's the HM cycle that works! If you do end up with IVF we will likely be only days apart in our schedules. I really hope they allow you to transfer only one. I agree with Ceejay - you would think from a cost-analysis perspective they would want a singleton pg rather than twins! But is it the clinic or the insurance company (or both) that could dictate?

Kristin said...
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