Monday, November 22, 2010

Game on!

Called my OB's office last Monday to politely request a hysteroscopy. Almost had a fit trying to explain to the receptionist what I wanted. Anyone else have that problem? Perfectly articulate in most situations, but ask me to talk to a nurse or doctor and it's as if my brain turns into a little puddle of mush. Fortunately after that practice round I was more ready when the nurse called me back and managed to get out "hysteroscopy" and "periods different since my D&C's" in approximately the right order, so she said she'd have Dr. B. call me.

I waited.

I waited.

I tried to decide how much longer I should wait.

And then lo and behold, a message on my phone. How the F I managed to miss the call I have no idea because my phone was on and ready... the message was relatively promising, Dr. B said that she'd recommend a saline sonohysterogram and that I could call and schedule it - OR, that I could call her. AND, she left a number for me to reach her at and HFS she actually answered the phone!

So we had a nice chat, I told her that I'd been doing some research online which most of her patients probably say and she probably hates, but she sounded okay with it, and I mentioned that from what I'd read, a hysteroscopy might be better than the SHG. She said that she felt they were about the same for diagnosis, but that if I'd prefer the HSC that would be fine with her. Go me!

Her appointment scheduler then called me this am, and I have an appointment for 12/13.

NOW, I just have to get my cycle to line up. If all goes as it has been I'd ovulate on 11/27. If I don't take progesterone, AF should arrive at 12/8 which would mean theoretically it would be over by the time 12/13 rolls around. So I'm actually hoping for a short LP this cycle. I know I've read about things to make an LP longer - anyone know how to make it shorter? I guess I could go on a weight loss binge, that might do the trick ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not so much.

Well, the crimson bitch hasn't shown up yet, but the stupid pee stick is still as pristine white as a freshly fallen field of snow, so she probably will sometime today. I'm usually not an advocate of early testing, but had I not tested all along I would have been crushed by a bfn this morning - with all the cramping I *really* thought there was good news coming. I'm definitely disappointed. More so than on my previous cycles, I think because I did have that sense of optimism this time that was absent on my other post D&C cycles. Guess it's on to checking out my ute.

Update: HA HA - hit publish, went to the bathroom, and there she is. Good timing.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hopeful is creeping in.

It may all be in my head. Probably is. BUT, I'm feeling a little hopeful for this cycle after all. It started yesterday with my temp up to 98.7, which is the highest it's ever been. So I broke down and POAS (it is REALLY not good to have a whole hoard of the internet cheapies, they make me do things I'd never do if I had to go out and spend the cash). It was a BFN. That's not entirely surprising given that yesterday was only 10dpo. But, all day yesterday I felt crampy down there. Today my temp was 99.2 and I'm not feeling well, so that can be chalked up to being sick (and probably yesterday's temp as well.) Plus, I have NOT been sleeping well - I'm completely exhausted, but lie awake once I get to bed, and have woken up randomly through the night as well. So that could also be affecting the temps. What's really weird is that normally when I can't get to sleep it's because something's bothering me and I can't get it out of my head - but the last few nights I've just laid there thinking about nothing. Just not asleep. Very strange. Anyway, today was another BFN because once you've started you can't stop. But more cramping too. So despite the stark white nothingness on the stupid tests, I'm still feeling more hopeful than I want to.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Hoping, but not hopeful.

So I ovulated sometime in the last few days, CD14-15 again. Maybe I'm just masking a problem, but it seems to me that the docs who say, "there's no such thing as luteal phase defect" and don't take an individual's particular circumstances into account are doing their patients a disservice. Maybe LPD doesn't reach statistical significance in medical studies, but that doesn't mean it can't be the case for individuals.

If this cycle is not it, we're going to take some time off ttc - if I were to get pregnant next cycle my due date would be about 10 days before Ant will start kindergarten, and I feel like that is just too much upheaval at once for a tender little soul. It's already going to stink because the first day of kindergarten is his birthday! The cycle after that, my due date would be the day before Timmy's birthday. I worry that if we are lucky enough to have a third child, he will be a classic middle child (he's showing a lot of signs of that kind of temperament already), so I'd like to do as much as I can to keep him feeling special and not lost in the shuffle, and so I think not sharing a birthday with a younger sibling is important.

That does, however, give us some time to figure out if there's something wrong. I'm afraid that having the two D&C's might have caused Asherman's syndrome. My periods have not been the same since the D&C's - not absent, but much lighter than they used to be. I have an OB apt scheduled for 12/9. Hopefully that's not the problem, but if it is, we have a little while to figure it out.