Saturday, July 30, 2011


The nurse called this morning and said we would be doing a day 5 transfer, on Monday. Someone else would call later on to let me know what time. I almost let her hang up, but then thought to ask how the embryos were doing.

Well. She counted, and said that all seven are still growing! Six are 8-cell, and one is a 10-cell.

So, we're scheduled for 11am on Monday.

Only thing is, the fact that ALL the embryos are still growing makes me think that producing embryos has not been the problem for the last year, rather getting them to hang around. I've been nervous ever since the D&C's that there's something wrong now such that embryos are not able to implant, and certainly this makes me feel even more that is the case. HOPEFULLY I am wrong and one of those embryos will snuggle in nicely just a few days from now.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


We got 13 eggs at ER yesterday. I was sore afterwards, but a heating pad and some tylenol helped enough that I was able to cook a birthday dinner and cake for DH (after a two-hour nap in the afternoon!)

Overnight I spent some time lying awake imagining A) that all the eggs were immature because of the early trigger, or B) that none fertilized and the lab had to do rescue ICSI which would end up being unsuccessful.

It was a long wait today until the nurse called... but the news was not as bad as I had feared - 8 eggs were mature and of those, 7 fertilized. Not too shabby. They will call again Sat morning to let us know about a day 3 vs. 5 transfer. Since I'm only transferring one I'm hoping for day 5, we'll see.

In other fabulous news, we *finally* got the building permit signed off for our new house, so barring anything really unforseen we will get our certificate of occupancy tomorrow and move early next week. YAY! (We bought the property April of 2009 and started framing in November so it's been a LONG time coming!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Trigger last night wasn't too bad, I thought. DH did pretty well with getting the needle in, and that part really wasn't painful. He then drew back on the syringe like you're supposed to, and at first got bubbles, but then said he was getting a little blood.

The IM injection tutorial we had watched said that if that happened, to discard the syringe and remix. Well, we didn't HAVE anymore, so I told him to go ahead.

Seemed okay at the time, but MAN am I sore today. My whole left side feels sore, from about my hip to my upper thigh. Worse than when I've fallen on that area when playing hockey (my pads don't cover it well). I wonder if that's why they tell you to try again. Will ask at my ER - if i feel this way after every PIO shot I will be one hurting mama by the end of the 2ww, let alone anything that comes after!

Then my ovaries are also quite tender, and it doesn't help when they get kicked or punched.

I don't know if I'm going to feel better or worse tomorrow! (Well, today.)

Monday, July 25, 2011


So here's how my cycle has gone so far:

Started stims (150U Gonal-F, 75U Menopur) last Sunday.
First u/s Weds morning, ~10 follicles in the 7-10 range.
Second u/s Fri morning, e2 329, ~10 follicles from 10-12mm.
Third u/s Sun morning e2 1100-ish, ~10 follicles from 13-15mm, guess by doc of trigger on Tues
Today, e2 up to 1727, ~8 follicles from 14-16mm, guess by doc of trigger on Tues

So, they only seem to be growing ~1mm per day, but apparently after getting my b/w back today they decided I should trigger tonight for ER on Weds.

I'm a little worried that we won't get many mature eggs as most IVF docs seem to like to trigger when the biggest follicle is closer to 18-20. I'm guessing that they are getting nervous about OHSS and so wanted to trigger me sooner rather than later. I keep repeating to myself that OHSS really sucks and that if we get five mature eggs instead of 10, all we need is one. I'm just hoping that we do get at least a few!

So.... if you know of any happy endings with early-ish triggers, please do tell!

(I'm also nervous about the silly IM shot in a few hours. Hopefully those nerves will be groundless like they have been for the other shots.)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Soooo close!

After 10 Lupron shots, I finally got to my baseline scan this morning.

I was super nervous beforehand, butterflies in my tummy and all, which I think is kinda silly but it is what it is.

It didn't help that I had been telling myself I needed to leave the house at 7:45 for an 8:15 apt (takes 20 min to get there), but then decided at 7:44 that I should make myself some tea and toast. So I ended up leaving at 7:53 instead, which is really cutting it a little close.

I arrived at the hospital at 8:10 (had some good traffic light karma and went a leetle fast which is always fun in my convertible.)

And then Murphy being as he is, the garage I always park in and have NEVER had trouble finding a spot in before was FULL. And when I say full I really mean it - I drove all the way from level 1 down to level 6 and back up again and there was not ONE spot (aside from the approximately 100 handicap spots, I really think someone needs to do a better job of figuring out how many of those are actually necessary). Fortunately as I came up to the very last level of allowed parking there was a guy walking down, so I snagged his spot after he pulled out. But by that time it was already 8:20 and i was now LATE. Ugh.

So I hightailed it up to the doc's office, and fortunately they were fairly blase about my tardiness. Whew.

Scan was all good, lining was 4mm (which is actually a little thicker than I was expecting, but I am still bleeding so that may be why), and my ovaries were "small", with 8 antral follicles on the left, and 7-8 on the right or vice versa. Whatever, pretty good for an old bag ;) So I got the all clear to start my stims tomorrow night.

I actually considered starting tonight because I'm so anxious to move forward. But I restrained myself. I have made a bargain with myself that for this first cycle I am going to trust what they tell me. If this one doesn't work out, then I will become a bitch. :D

Although working out? I honestly can't even fathom it. I'm trying this because I believe it's our best shot, but I can't imagine actually getting a BFP out of it.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Two shots down, 43-ish (+ ongoing PIO hopefully) to go!

I was super nervous before my first Lupron shot. Didn't particularly make sense, as I've certainly done a lot before with my injectable cycles... but this was different because it was in my thigh. So I didn't get to sleep until around 3:30 the morning before my first one.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed, I figured I had to get to it. After the requisite prep I squeezed the area of my thigh I was going to inject into, stuck the needle in (whatevs, it was *nothing*), let go of my thigh and pressed the plunger. When I withdrew the needle, yikes some liquid came out along with a little blood. And then i started *itching*. Weird feeling. I got a welt about an inch in diameter.

Felt as if I was on an adrenaline high for about three hours afterwards, until I finally managed to calm down.

I didn't think the shot went totally to plan, certainly it seemed to me that the amount of liquid that came out was a goodly proportion of what I had put in, so I called the nurse. She suggested that I continue to hold the area I was injecting into rather than letting go in the middle. worked like a charm, this morning's attempt was way better. No itchiness either.

i did do this morning's shot sitting in my closet so the boys who were playing just outside the bedroom wouldn't see me and ask too many questions if they came in.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Responding to comments

I often get comments from "anon" or people who have set up blogger accounts, but I can't respond. So I will write back in comments, but I never know if they get to the original poster. Josey posted on how to set up your profile so that ICAN respond to your comments, and it can still be completely anon if you like - you just set up a new, not related to you IRL, email address.

See her post here for more details.

Friday, July 01, 2011

here we go...

Got my IVF "calendar" today.

Continue with bcp until 7/11.
Start Lupron 10U 7/7
Baseline u/s 7/16
Start stims 7/17 150U Gonal-F, 75U Menopur, Lupron down to 5U
First monitoring 7/20
ER sometime week of 7/25
ET 3-5 days later.


(And, throw in moving to our new house, FINALLY, on 7/12)