Thursday, March 08, 2007

End of the Road

I have written this post in my head so many times since Ant was born, but kept putting it off because I really do enjoy blogging. But the time has come. I am finding that I just can't keep up with blogging anymore - I even wrote a post last week and never got around to actually putting it up. And I'm so far behind on reading y'all's posts, let alone commenting... I'm working effectively 4 days a week now (two in the office, two more 4 hour days at home), and then play dates on my day off means that I can barely find time to check my email anymore. So I think it's time to call it a day, take a hiatus, until (if) things get a bit more manageable.

I really truly want to thank you for all your support through the thicks and the thins, from the bottom of my heart. Each comment of commiseration and support has meant so much to me. And I hope my comments and thoughts have meant something to you. I will keep reading and commenting as much as I can, but hopefully you can cut me a little slack for the moment!

One thing I'm truly curious about is whether I have actually conquered my hypothalamic amenorrhea or not. Still no sign of the Crimson Bitch - not entirely unexpected, as I'm still nursing, but I do keep hoping that she'll show her ugly face. I will definitely update to let you know if / when (please, when!) she returns.

In other news, Ant just got his top two teeth. He's sitting pretty well - although not 100% stable, as both M and I discovered to our chagrin yesterday. Had his 6 month appointment today; 28 inches long (90%), and 17lb 7oz (44%). Still long and skinny! He's a joyous, happy, smiley baby. Being a parent is so much better than I ever imagined. I can't wait for each of you to experience it, whatever path may take you there.