Friday, April 29, 2016

Introducing my new baby... 3.5 years in the making!

I am incredibly excited to tell you guys that my book is live!!!!  It was officially published on April 15th. I still can't get over when I go to the Amazon page and click "Look Inside", it's MY words (along with my coauthors, of course :)), my design, everything.

It's 535 pages that contain everything I know about hypothalamic amenorrhea and recovery, getting pregnant, trying to conceive again, and life afterwards. I hope so much that women who are searching for answers about their missing period find it and *their* life worth living.

The book's website is at, and there are links to purchase paperbacks through the printer, Createspace, which seems to be best (read least expensive) for purchasers outside the US, or through Amazon and ebooks (epub, pdf, and Kindle). If you do purchase a paperback, email the receipt to and I will send a code to download the ebook for $3.

Note that the Createspace shipping times have been much faster than they estimate - in the US it's been about a week faster, Canada has generally been taking 3-4 days, and Australia was 12 days (vs. the 2.5 months quoted!!)

I'm also thrilled that the feedback I've gotten so far is exactly what I had hoped.
"The authors have really done their research and the information provided is well documented but also very approachable to the “non-science” types. There’s a perfect balance between the hard science facts and the personal stories. It's written in a way that makes it easy for you to imagine that you’re having a good conversation with a well-educated and concerned friend rather than reading through a stuffy reference book."

"No Period. Now What? is awesome. I’ve never seen a book with such a balance of science and humanity. I love that every single page is speckled with our stories. It’s like reading my own diary. And then it’s all backed up with more research that I ever knew existed."

"I have to say, in the few chapters I've read so far it has been the best reading material for HA. I lost my period about 18 months now and I am at the stage where eating and gaining weight is absolutely terrifying for me. I went from 184 to 118 to currently 134 and I want to train for the NYC marathon this summer. Reading about your journey and the other women's has really hit home. I hope I have the strength one day to make myself healthy again. Just know that this book is very special,  especially for people like me whose doctors, nutritionists, etc have said I was ok without my period so essentially gave me no guidance."