Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More bullets

Not enough time to blog about everything I'd like to. So more random thoughts.

* DH has worked until 10pm the last four business days. He recently started a new job so that he wouldn't have to travel (which was a strong possbility with the job he left). However, this is NOT better!

* CD4 today. Or maybe 5. I did not have high hopes for this past cycle, but I'm still more bummed than I have let on to almost everyone.

* I did in fact O on CD13 last cycle. It is amazing how quickly that comes up when it's only 8 days post AF, instead of two weeks as was my usual!

* I have a theory on the early O, would love to know if anyone else has experienced this (although I think that in general taking progesterone on natural cycles is fairly unusual). So, last cycle was the first one this round of ttc where I used progesterone, and it extended my LP from 10 to 14 days. So that put CD1 four days later than it would have been otherwise... and I'm thinking that perhaps it aligned my cycles better? Was my O date the same as it would have been, but just on an early CD because of my lengthened LP? The same thing happened to me when we were ttc Timmy, my O's had been CD28 and CD27 the two previous cycles, I used progesterone which extended my LP from 7 days to 16 days and O'ed the following cycle on CD16. The earlier CD of my O seems to be balanced by the longer LP - make any sense?

* I'm a little worried that the D&C's screwed things up in there - after the post-D&C bleeding stopped, my first period was mostly spotting for 8 days, one day of heavy flow. The second was way lighter than usual, four light days and three days of spotting, very similar so far this time. I'm wondering if my lining is not getting thick enough for implantation? I think my plan is to see how the next few cycles go, and if nothing by the end of the year see if I can get a mid-cycle u/s to see what's going on in there. I hope I don't get there, but have a feeling I will.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Cycle fun

There is never a dull moment when one does not have regular cycles. I find that from the moment I start temping at CD11-12, all the way through AF, there's a constant refrain in my head, "what does x mean? could I have ovulated already? is it just around the corner? OOooh, my temp jumped, did I O? Wait, back down again, what does that mean? Noooooo, below coverline, AF coming? Wait, maybe implantation dip? Oooh, really high temp, is that good? Ah back down again, AF? Yup" Rinse, lather, repeat.

So my "normal" is to ovulate somewhere around CD21, with a 10 day LP, so my cycles aren't too far off 28 days, although waiting three weeks every month to ovulate is annoying, plus the fact that my skin only clears up between ovulation and period, and since that's so short I spend a vast amount of time bemoaning the red spots. (I had lovely skin as a teenager, why now????)

I really do go on a rollercoaster ride every month. Last month, EWCM started up at CD8! I was totally stoked, maybe that would mean an early ovulation? I had a couple of really high (for me) temps around CD13, so I thought I actually might have ovulated for a few days, but my CM didn't dry up and my temp didn't stay up, so that was a no-go. 12 days after my first EWCM I finally did O... as we'd been on the every other day plan, I was *really* not into the BMS on the last few days, although we did based on my cervical position (I know WAY more about my cycle than I ever could have imagined!). So I finally O'ed on CD20 last cycle.

This cycle, I really had nothing until CD11 when I started having fairly copious EW (and my CP was high when I checked at night). I went off to buy some OPKs yesterday, CD12, so that we didn't end up in the same forced march of BMS that we did last cycle. Took one when I got home, and lo and behold, I had a hard time convincing myself that it was not positive. One caveat was that when I opened the box it turned out they expired in July, but if that were a problem that they just wouldn't work, not that all of a sudden they would start giving false positives. As Josey would say, "HFS!!!!" I'm still not at all convinced given last month, but today's OPK was not positive by any stretch of the imagination, so maybe it really will happen today or tomorrow, which would be CD13 or 14, imagine that! I've now charted 16 cycles, had one CD15 O, one on CD16, and all the rest have been CD20+. (Ranging from CD20-CD44).

Fun times!