Monday, September 19, 2011

Beautiful beautiful sound.

Blah blah blah spoke with the nurse, went through history blah blah blah

She *finally* got the doppler out, and despite my fears we could hear the h/b as soon as she put it on my belly. Nice and loud (I know that's only b/c the volume was turned up, but still).  180 bpm.

Next hurdle is the NT scan, 10/3.  I'm not particularly concerned about that (yet, talk to me in ten days or so) but I am more so than for any of our previous pregnancies given that I'm now 37.  But it's SO good to get past this appointment with good news instead of bad!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Practicing deep breathing

My first OB appointment for this pregnancy is tomorrow.  I am nervous as all get out.  My nausea has all but disappeared, and I have zero other symptoms, so I'm worried.  Really worried.  Symptoms aren't supposed to abate this early, and this is exactly what happened last time - all of a sudden, 3-4 days before my appointment, I felt completely fine.  And then, we discovered that was right around the time Schweffel had stopped growing. I do not like that this is following exactly the same path.  Fortunately we had a really busy weekend so I haven't been able to think about it much, and now I'm about to go to bed.  Then I only have to make it through about eight hours tomorrow before we know.  Please think good thoughts for us!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Pg notes

My last two pregnancies I've written "diaries" at somewhat regular intervals to track how I'm feeling, what I'm thinking, that kind of thing.  I think that despite the fact that I'm feeling nowhere near convinced that this pregnancy will end in a RLB, it's also kinda unfair to future RLB if s/he should come to pass not to have the same care taken to notate my pregnancy with him/her as with my previous ones.  So I'm going to dive in, over on my other blog.  If you're interested, great, come on over, link is, let me know if you need the password (comment or email).  If you're not in a place where you feel like reading about kids or pregnancy I completely understand and will not be in the least offended if you don't follow me over there.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Another step in the right direction

I've started feeling queasy just about every day, starting right after lunch.  Makes me feel like things are okay in there.  Three days before the fateful appointment with my last pregnancy, the very very mild queasiness I had disappeared entirely.  So it is definitely reassuring that I'm feeling this now, and nice that I'm actually feeling more queasy than I have for previous pregnancies.  I will take it!

So that was reassuring me, but I was still nervous about today's u/s appointment, and more so as it got closer and closer.  Didn't help that they were running half an hour behind, and had me sitting in the exam room with my feet up in stirrups for at least 20 min of that!

Anyway, when the doc finally came in, he popped the wand in and went first to look at my ovaries.  (WHY do they do that FIRST?  Why not go to the important part first???  He did pop by the uterus and I saw a nice black spot with junk inside.

When he focused on that briefly, I could have sworn that I saw a little flicker!

Moved over to the other ovary.  Then back to the uterus.  When he zoomed in I could see the yolk sac and baby, but no flicker... but then he changed planes by a little and there it was!  Measured it at a very nice 126bpm, which I think is just about perfect for this gestational age.  Measured the CRL and GS and all, everything right on target.


Good news, but we're definitely not out of the woods yet.  I did make my first OB apt for 9/19, which will be just shy of 10 weeks, and hopefully will not go like my last 10wk OB appointment.

My gut says that the last pregnancy failed because something went wrong in the transition from the baby getting its nutrients from the yolk sac to placenta.  I hope that this little one (whom we will nickname Pswyfl, pronounced Shweffel, going with another creative spelling) will manage to get that step right.