Thursday, July 28, 2011


We got 13 eggs at ER yesterday. I was sore afterwards, but a heating pad and some tylenol helped enough that I was able to cook a birthday dinner and cake for DH (after a two-hour nap in the afternoon!)

Overnight I spent some time lying awake imagining A) that all the eggs were immature because of the early trigger, or B) that none fertilized and the lab had to do rescue ICSI which would end up being unsuccessful.

It was a long wait today until the nurse called... but the news was not as bad as I had feared - 8 eggs were mature and of those, 7 fertilized. Not too shabby. They will call again Sat morning to let us know about a day 3 vs. 5 transfer. Since I'm only transferring one I'm hoping for day 5, we'll see.

In other fabulous news, we *finally* got the building permit signed off for our new house, so barring anything really unforseen we will get our certificate of occupancy tomorrow and move early next week. YAY! (We bought the property April of 2009 and started framing in November so it's been a LONG time coming!)


Yo-yo Mama said...

Excellent news all around!!

I've actually pushed out of my memory the number of eggs that were retrieved at any one time during one of our IVFs...maybe 5 at the most? You're sitting pretty!

Josey said...

7 fertilized embabies? That's awesome!

Congrats on the house progress - I hope you have no issues getting the CO!

A m a n d a said...

Grow babies grow!!!