Monday, November 01, 2010

Hoping, but not hopeful.

So I ovulated sometime in the last few days, CD14-15 again. Maybe I'm just masking a problem, but it seems to me that the docs who say, "there's no such thing as luteal phase defect" and don't take an individual's particular circumstances into account are doing their patients a disservice. Maybe LPD doesn't reach statistical significance in medical studies, but that doesn't mean it can't be the case for individuals.

If this cycle is not it, we're going to take some time off ttc - if I were to get pregnant next cycle my due date would be about 10 days before Ant will start kindergarten, and I feel like that is just too much upheaval at once for a tender little soul. It's already going to stink because the first day of kindergarten is his birthday! The cycle after that, my due date would be the day before Timmy's birthday. I worry that if we are lucky enough to have a third child, he will be a classic middle child (he's showing a lot of signs of that kind of temperament already), so I'd like to do as much as I can to keep him feeling special and not lost in the shuffle, and so I think not sharing a birthday with a younger sibling is important.

That does, however, give us some time to figure out if there's something wrong. I'm afraid that having the two D&C's might have caused Asherman's syndrome. My periods have not been the same since the D&C's - not absent, but much lighter than they used to be. I have an OB apt scheduled for 12/9. Hopefully that's not the problem, but if it is, we have a little while to figure it out.


Ceejay said...

I hope this cycle is the one! But good for you for thinking ahead to the effects of due dates on your two boys, and being willing to make the sacrifice. And I also hope your OB can give you some good answers on the Asherman's.

Spindoctor said...

My fingers are crossed for you! I worried about Asherman's too because of my D&C, but apparently it is very rare. I doubt you have anything wrong, you've gotten pregnant relatively easily 3 times already and I'm sure it will happen again.

mara said...

I was really worried about Asherman's after my D&C's too. I also had really light periods afterwards. I think on FF I would mark 3 days as Light and 1 day as Medium. The miscarriage doctor did a hysteroscopy and it was clear, so I don't think the light periods meant anything in my case. I remember googling it at the time and seeing that it was a pretty common phenomena. Anyway, I hope this cycle works out, and you don't have to find out any answers from your OB! :) Good that you have some time to figure things out if necessary, though.