Thursday, October 28, 2010


Facebook can be really tough when you've experienced a loss, or are trying to get pregnant and having no luck. I know that I've been blindsided a few times, and that's even with already having two preshus kids of my own.

So THIS is well worth checking out if you've ever felt similarly.

I think it's my favorite blog post EVER!


Ceejay said...

Oh my gosh, what a fantastic post! I keep wishing I could come up with a way of putting this message out there without offending too many of my friends who have posted u/s pictures and whatnot. They just have no clue the tears they may have caused. If you have any brilliant ideas on how to do that, let me know :).

Nico said...

Yeah, it's a tough one CJ. I tried to write a FB post and link to this today, I couldn't find a way to say what I wanted to. And now I'm too tired to think!

Anonymous said...

That. Is. Awesome!

How are things going with you??