Friday, October 01, 2010

I think I'm the only one really interested in this,

but I'm going to post it anyway.

I got a +++ OPK today (test line WAY darker than the control) somewhat to my surprise as I haven't had nearly as much CM as I usually do. Today is CD14, so I'll likely have a CD15 O this cycle.

That's made me really curious about the theory I proposed in my last post, so I figured I could check it by comparing the length of time between my ovulations - if my theory is correct, that would be constant, despite the change in LP.

Sure enough, my average time between ovulations is 28 days (wow, normal!). For my post Timmy cycles, it's been 28,29,28,30,24,29,27,29,26,27, and 29 days (the last assuming I O tomorrow). So it does seem that the "earlier" ovulation is not actually earlier, but just on an earlier cycle day because of my LP being lengthened by progesterone.

Like I said, I don't think anyone else cares, but I think it's fascinating! I would be so curious to know if it's true for anyone else, but I think that people taking progesterone for LPD without any other interventions are few and far between.


Flucky Mom said...

I'll bite. I think it's great your cycles have become so regular. What are you doing on the computer?! Go get busy!!

I'm having my own cycle questions, but I'll spare you.

Have fun ;)

Nico said...

no need to spare me, I'm all ears. okay, eyes ;)

Flucky Mom said...

Fine, you asked for it! I didn't get my AF back until I stopped nursing. It took 2 months to get things back working down there. Then for 4 months I had regular cycle, which was like a freakin' miracle for me, b/c I have PCOS. And now this month, I've been spotting daily since the end of AF. WTF?! I'm scared to go to obgyn -- they'll probably put me on the pill which feels so wrong after I couldn't get pregnant for 3+ years. Plus they make me super moody... need I say more?

Nico said...

Yeah, I plan never ever to go back on the pill again. Daily spotting doesn't seem right though, has it happened before? I'd probably take a wait and see approach too - at least wait out one cycle and see what happens. but yeah, WTF indeed.

Spindoctor said...

That's great! Having regular cycles certainly makes TTC a lot easier!!

Anonymous said...

hi nico

i have anorexia but really really really want a baby

i was thinking of biting the bullet with the HA protocol with clomid.. i am 90lbs at 5'5 but maybe all this will help me kick ass at my disorder

its been 15 years, i feel its either this or suicide.

please tell me your opinion-

Nico said...

Anon - I think it's worth trying the clomid protocol. But you need to work on getting your head into a better place and gaining some weight at least at the same time, if not before. Come and join the conversation on the HA thread on -


Anonymous said...

thank you nico so much i prayed you would answer- are you named nico at fertile thoughts?