Wednesday, June 29, 2005

nothing. nada, zilch, zero, rien, nichts, niente.

Yet another u/s this morning (#4 this cycle), lining a little better at 5.2mm, but STILL NO FOLLICLES > 8mm. 11 days of Repronex and *nothing*. I'm really getting the feeling this cycle is fucked. fuck.

Update: My e2 levels so far have been 42, 46, 55 and today a whopping 38. woo-hoo! They told me to up my dosage to two full amps, and come in again on Friday. For just an e2 test, no dildo-cam. I don't know if that's good or bad... last-ditch effort, I suppose.


WonderMama said...

I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged.
Keep the faith though, its not over yet!

Emma B. said...

Oh, that sucks, Nico -- crossing fingers that upping your dosage does the trick!

AltMama said...

hey, just wanted to say...glad to find your blog! I'm waiting to hear the results of some blood tests to determine the reason for my amenorrhea, and thinking about some of the same things you are.

So--none of this helps your news, of course! But I figure a little solidarity never hurt anyone.