Monday, June 06, 2005

How I amuse myself whilst on the pill

This morning I decided to ride my bike in to work. It's about 8 miles, takes me ~35 minutes, I really enjoy it when the weather is nice. Which it *finally* is.

So. When my bike is at home, I keep it in the back corner of the garage, sandwiched in next to the lawn mower. Usually I can just pull it straight out, but we had done some yard work last weekend, and hence have brown paper bags full of chopped up branches lining the wall. And I pulled my car in too close to the bags, so I couldn't get the bike out.

Ah - I knew I lifted weights for a reason! No problem, I could just lift the bike up and over the bags, and be good to go. Bend from the legs, lift the bike, over the bags... put down - uh oh. I somehow managed to catch the handlebar in my shirt AND necklace. I put the rear wheel down, and tried to maneuver the front to get it untangled. Magic new torture device. The more I tried to get out, the more I strangled myself!

Very fortunately, I had my cell phone in the bike bag attached to the back wheel. Gingerly I reached in with my left hand while holding the front of the bike up with my right so as not to garrote myself. Using the cell phone while driving also came in handy here, as I managed to use just the left hand to call Mark, who was still in bed upstairs.

"Um, Mark...? Can you come down to the garage and help me out?" - literally! When he opened the door and saw my predicament I couldn't help but burst into laughter, thereby tightening the damn necklace even more! Even he couldn't get the handle out from between the necklace and my neck, and ended up having to undo the clasp. Did manage to get out relatively unscathed, just a bright red mark across my neck. (And the necklace is fine too).

I was really lucky that he was home, and didn't take the 6:30am flight which he has been doing for the last umpteen weeks. There was a pedestrian who walked by in the street as I was sitting there waiting for them, so I suppose if he hadn't been home I could have yelled for help - wouldn't that have been a riot? "Um, excuse me... I seem to have a bike stuck to my neck!"


Molly said...


Not every day you get a bike stuck to your neck.

MsPrufrock said...

Hey, it's Ol' Bike Neck!

Ova Girl said...

and here's hoping you learned an important lesson here about the DANGERS OF EXERCISE.

WonderMama said...


This made me laugh out loud! Especially the part about possibly having to flag down a pedestrian to rescue you.