Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Jumping follicles, batman!

u/s this morning, I don't think I could have wished for better results! One follicle on the right at 8mm, one on the left at 7.2mm, plus a few little guys on each side. Dr. Conveyor had said when I had an appointment with her last week that she'd be happier with two mature follicles rather than the one we got last time, to give us a better shot. And it looks like that's where we're heading.

I was totally convinced that there would be absolutely nothing happening, as with the first week of meds in the last round, but I was wrong! I don't want to get too excited, but if things keep on at this pace, IUI should happen next Thursday or Friday.

I've definitely found that I manage to keep myself much saner when I expect the worst. That way I'm pleasantly surprised when I get a better result, and prepared for disappointment. Had I had even an inkling that cysts might be an issue for me after the last cycle I think that finding them would not have been nearly as hard - I really was completely taken by surprise by that one. I knew that people got cysts, but given that I'd never had any in the umpteen zillion ultrasounds I'd had before, it didn't occur to me that *I* might be prone to them as well!

On a completely different note, a few bloggers have commented about the question of what to do with your underwear while you're on the table. Hide it? Fold neatly? I think most of us put it away somehow so that our cooter poker isn't too disgusted by us... Well, this morning, I did one better than that - I had ridden my bike to the doc's office, so I was all hot and sweaty. I didn't want to gross my CP out with the smell of unwashed, sweaty cooter, so I did a quick poor man's shower with some paper towels and soap in the lav. All fresh and clean for my prodding!


Molly said...

That is SUCH good news, Nico! I'm so hoping that this one works for you!

I usually hide my unmentionables inside my pants, which are neatly folded on the chair. I am quite demure.

Mmmm. Ain't nothin' like the chafing of brown paper towels on your lady bits.

Em said...

I was thinking about the underwear issue this morning at my scan (33mm at day 12. 100mg clomid) and I made sure you couldn't see the crotch as they were black. It is so hot here in the UK at the moment and there has been a lot of sweating!