Monday, June 20, 2005

In the ring, fists are swinging...

Round two has begun! Repronex injections started Saturday night. No problems so far, although I've definitely noticed that it stings a lot more when I do the injection on the right side of my stomach than when I'm on the left. Bizarre!


Suz said...

That is bizarre! I've heard that Repronex stings more than others. Good wishes on round two!

Molly said...

Good! Luck!

Emma B. said...

Thinking happy ovulatory thoughts!

Demented M said...

I couldn't resist your blog title, had to come visit you.

Good luck on IUI#2 (I'm cycle 2,but just did IUI#1 myself).

Sometimes I think the innervation is a bit different from one side of the body to the next and you might just be hitting more nerves on the right. Body symmetry is not absolute, there are variances from one side to the next.

What I hate are the Ovidrel shots--I feel like I'm punching myself to get the damn needle in.

Anyway, good luck.