Monday, June 27, 2005

hamster head

I too have hamster head today. I just spent 45 minutes making up an Excel spreadsheet with what days I took what doses of meds on this cycle and last, when I will might hope to have my IUI (day 19 or 20? this cycle vs. day 18 for the last). Have I been exercising too much? Is that what's going on here? Not eating enough? I'm not losing weight, but I'm not putting it on either... do I need to put on another five-ten pounds? Exercise in the last week:

Sun: ice hockey, 60 min
Mon: ice hockey, 50 min
Tue: weight lifting, 60 min, biking 35 min
Wed: biking 50 min
Fri: biking 35 min
Sat: biking 35 min
Sun: ice hockey, 60 min

I feel like that's nothing - it's so much less than I used to do. I used to lift weights 3x per week, play volleyball for 2 hours, 2x per week, and play hockey ~4x, plus the biking. But it is more than I was doing last cycle (weather was worse, so I wasn't biking nearly as much). Am I shooting myself in the proverbial foot? I love the way I feel when I exercise, so strong and healthy, how can it be that it's actually not good for me?


Em said...

I'm trying to keep my mood elevated by exercise. I did a spinning class tonight but a bit unsure whether I should on the 2ww but then again, it make me feel really proactive. I need to lose weight.

S. said...

I know exactly how you feel! I've changed my routine to every other day 45 minute jog/walk but it feels wierd. I almost feel lazy for not doing it 5x a week!
I don't know if this will relieve my problem, but since I'm being a bad RE patient (see today's blog) it's what I feel is in my best interest.

Suz said...

I've never played Ice Hockey, so I don't know how strenuous it is (I'm assuming very), but the only thing that my RE told me to avoid was any severly twisting motions (like you get in kick-boxing and some yoga moves). Everything else is fair game. What you're doing sounds fine, and if it keeps you happy and relatively stress-free, I would say to keep it up.

Emma B. said...

Right there with you -- I do a lot less cardio and more lifting, but I don't feel right if I'm not doing *something* for 30+ minutes a day. If you're overtraining, you'll know it, because the exercise will leave you tired rather than energized. As long as you're maintaining weight and feeling good, it doesn't look like too much to me either.

thalia said...

I agree with whatever keeps you happy. Just be aware that my doc said the problem is getting dehydrated, not anything else per se - so make sure you drink loads when you are exercising that much.

re the green tea, I drink about three cups a day, but if I notice a lack of EWCM I up it to maybe 4 or even 5. It works for me, but like I said, it doesn't work for everyone

Ova Girl said...

Sweet Mother Of God! Your exercise regime is amazing! And you did more? I feel like a complete BLOB. Actually no...I'm inspired. I think it means i can get a few walks in AT LEAST!