Saturday, June 25, 2005


I really need to remember not to expect things in this area to go the way I want them to. Second u/s yesterday morning - my two follicles were hardly bigger at all, and the few other little ones were catching up. Not good. So my meds were upped to 1.5 vials again. I'm not too upset because I think it will work out okay like it did the last time, but it's still disappointing - I had thought everything was going to be perfect this time. Dumbass.

On a completely different (or exactly the same) note, I can be such a total dimwit sometimes.

Dimwittedness #1 - I had bought a really cute pattern for a baby jacket that I'm going to make for my sister. I wanted to go to the fabric store this morning to buy the fabric, but had left the pattern at work, in my car. (I biked home last night). So I decided to bike back to work again, shower there, then go to a fabric store nearby.

#2 - although I remembered to bring soap, shampoo and conditioner with me, I forgot about a towel! So I had to dry myself with my sweaty tank top. Dumbass.

#3 - brought clothes to change into, but forgot my underwear! Not much I could do but head to the fabric store commando.

And the final straw - turns out the fabric store only sells home furnishing fabrics!


Suz said...

Oh yes! I always loose part the part of my mind that keeps track of details during treatment....and fie on X. Ugh indeed.

Molly said...

Oh, X. Go suck an egg.

Nothing says "clean" like drying yourself with a sweaty tank top.

Em said...

Lucky X...seriously, that stuff is so hard. I dread it on a daily basis now.