Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nico = 0, Doctors = 14,500.

My beta today was 14,500. So much for my pretty little graph.

I was lucky in that I hardly had to wait at all for the ultrasound, they had told me it could be as long as a couple of hours. It felt weird to be wheeled down to u/s on a gurney when I'm perfectly capable of walking, but whatever.

The u/s tech started by looking at my kidneys, then bladder, then went to my uterus. I could see a little bit of what was going on on the screen, and it totally looked to me like there was still something in there. I asked, and she agreed (even though I guess they're not supposed to give you "results".) She then went to the vaginal u/s, but had the screen so I couldn't see anything. I guess probably because it might be somewhat disturbing. We chatted quite a bit about all kinds of things, and in the course of that, she mentioned that it basically looked like they D&C had done absolutely nothing. Lovely.

She went out after that to talk to the doc or one of her colleagues, and I sat up and took a peek at the screen. The first few pictures looked like a perfectly formed fetus to me, all curled up in 'fetal' position and everything. And yes, it was disturbing. Of course I couldn't resist taking another look just to make myself feel worse, and then realized, duh, that it was actually the kidney pictures I was looking at. They really did look remarkably like an embryo! The vaginal u/s pictures were actually on pages 2/3 of the pics, and I didn't want to get into trouble for scrolling to those. So I just satisfied myself with her interpretation.

went back to L&D after that to talk about what next. They scheduled me for another D&C and gave me a prescription for misoprostol as well because I wasn't sure if I wanted to give that a shot, since obviously the D&C didn't work. After talking to a few people on my ride home, including a friend who had both a natural m/c after one pg, tried the misprostol which didn't work and ended up with a D&C after another, and recalling JV's comments about her natural m/c, I did decide to try the D&C again. I will make sure not to leave the hospital until they have shown me an ultrasound picture of my uterus with nothing in it! I know that's not a guarantee, but it will certainly be better than the last attempt.

Maybe that's why I felt absolutely no side effects from that!


JV said...

Oh man, I am so sorry :( I didn't want to say anything hoping your case was different, but I also ended up with my numbers going up after a D&C, which was confusing because the ultrasound didn't really show much in there. So they basically treated it like an ectopic (which maybe it was - it was a very early loss and nothing was ever seen in the uterus), and decided to try a methotrexate shot before going to another D&C. It did the trick. Obviously your case sounds different. In your case I would have definitely opted for a second D&C. But what the hell? What, did they forget to do it? I would be so mad. You must be really upset. I'm very sorry and I hope it's all over soon.

Gundy said...

I think that's a good decision Nico. I'll be thinking of it going to be soon?