Saturday, June 19, 2010

In which I know more than the doctors?

Spoke to the on-call OB doc this morning. He said that my beta was 19,000, which he was saying was really high compared with my previous numbers of ~300 and ~600. So they want me to come in for an u/s before Monday. I reminded him that, um, the 300 and 600 were for my previous pregnancies, at 14 and 15dpo repectively, so not really a good baseline to use. dumbass.

Anyway, because they didn't take a beta at all this pg, and he seems to think 19K is high (although Dr. Google says the range for 9-12 weeks is 25,500 to 288,000 so 19,000 doesn't seem so high to me for only 4 days past D&C. I've seen estimates from 12-36 hours for the half-life of hcg), and he said that it is quite unusual not to get any 'products' from a D&C at this stage, he seemed to fall quite firmly in the 'they did not get everything' camp.

I dunno. I just found an article that looked at hcg levels post misoprostol/mifepristone termination, with a nice pretty graph and it seems to me my numbers are right in line with the average there. I wouldn't think there would be a big difference in hcg decline post medical vs. surgical termination.

Anyhoo, more b/w and an u/s tomorrow. I think I should be happy that they're being proactive, but it seems a bit like premature proactivity to me. Guess we'll find out.


mara said...

I hate it when I appear to know more than the doctors. It is so frustrating - like, why I am trusting you with my future reproductive health if you are going to compare a 14dpo beta from what? four years ago? to one 4 days post D&C??? So stupid. Not to go on a rant but I also had a doctor tell me once that my miscarriage was a blighted ovum even though there was a fetal pole and a flicker of a heartbeat at one point. How is it even possible that she went to school for years to study reproductive medicine and I spent two hours on the internet and she's wrong?

Anyway. I think 19,000 is totally reasonable for where you are at. I'm hoping the next one falls fast toward zero.

JV said...

Sorry to hear about the extra headaches. I hope the beta is falling, and in the mean time it cannot hurt to double check with another blood draw. Among my few losses, there was one with a weird fluctuating beta. That is crazy-making, so I really hope this is not the case for you and that your levels are dropping. Hang in there...

Yo-yo Mama said...

I don't believe they did a beta any of my MC and certainly never after either of my D&Cs. Maybe it was them being lax. Maybe it's yours being too anal.

After my first D&C and what I thought was my first period and first ovulation and subsequent 2WW, I got a positive pg test. My doctor, who did do a beta after I started bleeding (and where I thought I was miscarrying again), said that it's possible that even six weeks after my D&C (at 15wks) I could still have enough hCG to drop a positive pg test.

You go, you nod your head, you humor him and then walk out going, "I told you so, " under your breath.