Saturday, December 17, 2005


A couple of Sundays ago, it snowed significantly for the first time. I had a cake to make for afternoon tea with family friends, a baby shower to attend, the afternoon tea, and a hockey game. Busy day! In the course of which, I forgot to put my snow scraper into my car. Fortunately I didn’t need it, but I joked with M how in classic Nico style, I had forgotten about it.

The next evening, we were out somewhere, and he asked me if I had remembered the snow scraper yet. I hadn’t. He was totally shocked, as he had left it propped up against the door to the garage, right in front of my nose. I guess I wasn’t expecting it to be there, so I just didn’t see it. He couldn’t believe I was so unobservant.

I got home later than him again the following day. Opened the door to the garage, went to turn on the light, and ran across a Post-It note with “SNOW SCRAPER” written on it. So I looked down, saw the scraper, and put it in my car.

As I walked up the stairs, there was another note “SNOW SCRAPER” on the hand rail, on the bottom step, on a step half way up, and on the door to the house. By the time I saw the last one, I was laughing hysterically. He really wanted to make sure that I didn’t forget!

I continued finding the notes for the rest of the night – on the light switch for the kitchen, on my bottle of milk, the Tupperware container with my cake in it, the remote control, the stairs to the second floor, the bathroom sink, the alarm clock, my sock drawer…

And that's why I love him :-)


fisher queen said...

That's cute. I always buy them and lose them, so that I usually end up scraping my car with a CD case.

Lori said...

That is the cutest story! What a great guy.

NCD said...

I agree! Too funny, and definitely cute enough to love.