Thursday, December 22, 2005

I caved.

I bought a 2-pack of HPTs today. I was seriously considering doing it on Tuesday, but made myself drive by the pharmacy. But today I was already in the store... so I couldn't help myself.

I can't decide if I want to use one in the morning (which will be 13dpo) or not.

My heart, which thinks there is a possibility that I might actually be pregnant (wierd crampy things going on down there from 7-9dpo) is saying YES, DO IT!!!

My head, on the other hand, is telling me to stay the fuck away from the evil sticks (no other "symptoms" whatsoever). At least wait until Monday.

I think it was a sorry day for the mental state of an infertile when HPTs, particularly those that let you test early, were invented.

I can't stand the suspense!

(Sidebar - I almost left my entire order at the checkout - first I was in line behind a woman who had two separate orders, and had to try about fifteen methods of payment for each. After the checker had to call a supervisor to help, I went to the self checkout line. There needs to be a minimum IQ requirement on those, I tell you. I was behind three people, all of whom I finally snagged an open register; a woman WITH ONE ITEM whom I had been behind took longer to scan that ONE ITEM than it took me to do my entire basket of ten. ARGH!!! Probably didn't help that I am in a state of extreme frustration this week - my boss, my MIL, inconsiderate hockey people...)


Molly said...

Oooooooo . . .

I'm nervous for you!

Lori said...

So did you use one this morning?? I'd have a hard time not testing.
The suspense is a killer!

Jenn said...

Useeee themmmmm. :)

I think early pregnancy symptoms are a myth anyway.

Dooneybug said...

OMG Nico!! Pee, pee, pee, pee!

S. said...

OOOh, keep us posted. :)
As for symptoms, you never know! I didn't have any until 2 1/2 weeks after I got a positive.

thalia said...

Personally, I'd stay away but I am clearly in a minority. Keeping things crossed either way!

pixi said...

No advice about to pee or not to pee, just thinking of you and wondering how things are going. Good I hope!