Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hurdles, jumped.

Went to IVF class today. It was boring and pointless. They didn't show us how to do the IM shots, they have an online tutorial for that. It was to go over the various medications, what to expect from retrieval and transfer, blah, blah, blah. Did not learn one thing that I hadn't already learned from reading the blogs of you wonderful ladies who have gone before me. So that was a waste of time.

Then, off to the social worker. She wanted to make sure we'd thought about how many embryos to put back... would we be willing to do selective reduction... what would we do if IVF didn't work... how we have different coping strategies... what would we do with any left over embryos... I felt a bit like when we had to go to pre-Cana before getting married. Definitely all stuff that one should talk about before IVF / marriage... but we're good at the communication part. Didn't need her help with that. Haven't had a fight yet in 6.5 years of marriage / 8 years together.

But no matter. It's done. All of it. So now we just have to wait for insurance approval, then we can get started! Unfortunately I think it's going to be longer than I was expecting, unless I get my new insurance info before the new year - apparently it takes two weeks to get the insurance approval, then the doctors meet to decide your treatment plan, THEN you can get started. With the bcp. I'm *hoping* that if I'm already on the pill I can just start with the Lupron once they have the plan, but not holding my breath.

I had thought we'd do retrieval / transfer mid January. Now it looks like it won't be until some time in February. More waiting. Sigh.


Stephanie said...

I am sorry the "informational" meeting wasn't more informative. It is comforting to know most of it before hand though. Sorta validates all your reading and research. It's a good feeling. You are in my prayers during this waiting!
I was explaining some of the adoption process to friends tonight and they were intriqued by the whole social worker thing. I said, "yep, when you are about to shell out a trillion dollars for a baby, they ask invasive you haven't thought long and hard about the decision to spent a trillion dollars. And the irony is, the homeless crackhead down the street that gets pregnant ends up with free medical care....and i am quite sure is NOT fit to raise a child"
Isn't it ironic?!

Pamplemousse said...

I di not want to do counselling but once I started, I have got into it. I am waiting, awaiting, ever waitng too. Wanna play cards???

Molly said...

You haven't had a fight for 8 years?! Holy crap, girl. Those are some kickass communication skills.

Good luck as you start the long haul.