Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Apparently it was a good thing that I didn't let my rebellious side win out over the dosage for the last couple of days. My lining this morning was at 8mm (thickest it's been yet, by far), and I have 3-4 pretty big follicles, ranging from 15 to 12mm.

I was so sure when I went in this morning that I would still be in the same old place. Completely surprised when I saw the ovary on the scan. (They're all on the right, my left ovary doesn't want to do anything). It's about time - 18 days of injections to date.

Update: Just heard from the nurse - one more shot of Repronex tonight then I trigger tomorrow!!! So IUI Saturday morning. I'm really almost in shock - I can't believe how quickly things progressed once they actually got going. I was, in a way, hoping for the IUI on Sunday or Monday so that M and I could get some storming in (as in, "Have fun storming the Castle..." - I hope you ALL know what movie that's from) beforehand for a bit of insurance, but it's not to be. He's out of town for work 'til Friday night. No complaint here though - I'm all out at the moment ;-)


Molly said...

I DO know what movie that's from! For once!

And CONGRATS on your great ultrasound! Hoping and hoping that this one works.

S. said...

Congrats!!! That is great news!

As for the quote - I could replay the movie in my head from start to finish!

I'm embellishing my rebel side by not following the RE's suggestion of going back on bcp! I'll get a 2nd opinion in about 3 weeks from a different one.

AltMama said...

Oh, Niko, that's great news. Yay!

Also, just fyi, I can pretty much guarantee that your "storming" euphemism will become standard slang around these parts for awhile. We have been having a good time being amused by the idea of "swimmers," but nothing's really funnier than the idea of saying to the, um, swimmers, "bye bye boys!" Especially in that crazy lady's voice. :)