Saturday, July 02, 2005

Day 13: STILL nothing

e2 levels so far: 42, 46, 55, 38, 42. My baseline level when I had my hormone levels taken to diagnose my HA was 34. So there is pretty much nothing happening.

To my surprise, they told me still to continue with the two vials of Repronex, and come in for another date with the cooter poker on Monday morning. I'm still holding out a shred of hope that this will work, but mostly I'm resigned to giving up. If there's still nothing going on on Monday I'm definitely going to ask if it's worth continuing to throw good money after bad.

I'm disappointed. Heck, I'm crushed. But somehow I'm not sad about it anymore. Just wanna get this cycle over with, get the next one where I have the cysts over with, and get back on the horse. (A big horse, with a really big... okay, that's gross!)


Emma B. said...

Aw, Nico, that sucks! And you're pretty convinced this is because of the BCP? Is it usual to have cysts after a failed cycle like that, or are you just expecting them this time because they happened last time?

Nico said...

There's really no other reason that I can come up with that I would have responded so much better last time around (I haven't done any cardio since Monday, and I'm eating more too...). Unless I am making neutralizing antibodies. But given that there's nothing in the literature about that, I don't think that's the case.

I'm expecting cysts because I had them last time, and this time around I'm going to have so much more FSH/LH left over in my system when I'm done, I will be completely blown away if I don't have any.

AltMama said...

cysts seem to be going around.

What do you think is the relationship of exercise to all of this? I'm still unsure where my cysts came from--I guess just the progesterone? Weird.