Saturday, July 23, 2005

Psychosomatic symptoms?

Of course they were! 14dpi = BFN. On a FRED. I did go buy one yesterday.

Not even the most miniscule hint of a second line. I'm kicking myself now for not doing the HPT yesterday so I could go in for a beta this morning - I'm going to a charity dinner where a chef comes into your home to cook a meal for you tonight, with all the wine you can drink. Without a beta there's still a minute possibility that I am actually pg (a la Suz!), therefore can't enjoy the wines the chef has selected to go with the meal. Fuck.

I had a feeling, all my "symptoms" completely disappeared yesterday. No sore boobs, nothing. Given that I've never ovulated (certainly not since going off BCP), I don't know what's normal to feel and what's not normal. Do your boobs usually feel tender in the two weeks after you've ovulated when you're not taking meds? Is it the hcg shot? the progesterone?


thalia said...

I understand that the progesterone can increase some of the symptoms but don't know for sure.

Sorry about the BFN. I know you weren't feeling very positive, but it doesn't help does it, when you finally know? You know, you could certainly taste the wine tonight - there is nothing wrong with that. Just don't get rat-assed (as we say in the UK).

Lisa said...

Sorry Nico! I was really hoping to hear some good news for you. My boobs usually get sore about a week after I ovulate, and I do know that progesterone increases the soreness. Hope you are doing OK.

Dooneybug said...

Sorry about the BFN. That sucks. My boobs usually start hurting about a week after ovulation and I've never been on any drugs. I second lisa....the progesterone can increase that soreness.

Hope you enjoyed your dinner and at least drank some wine!!

Em said...

My boobs feel sore about a week before my period. I had an elevated prolactin level, which made my boobs hurt really badly, which in turn made me think I was pregnant. That's what got us started on all this IF crap!

Laurie said...

So sorry. :( I certainly know all about the psychosomatic symptoms. As for whether or not your bbs should be sore, it depends on the individual. Mine never, ever, ever are, but they were on the HCG for the in vitro and once I was pg, they stayed sore. Otherwise, never in my life. Others have sore ones every month after they ovulate.

So sorry again.

S. said...

Sorry to hear about this, Nico! Wish I had some magic reply to make it easier to deal with it all.