Monday, January 31, 2005

people must stick their noses in...

Hubby's going in for his SA on Friday. Had to call the hospital to register beforehand, and he was quite surprised that they already had him in the system, albeit with his parent's address. So we're over there last night, and he asks if they can think of any reason it might be in there.

His Mom: "Why are you going to MGH?"

M: "For an appointment"

His Dad: "What do you need an appointment for?"

M: "It's just an appointment"

Dad: "But what for?"

M: "For a fucking sperm analysis, alright?"


Well, he really didn't have anything else to say. Mom got it... Dad's just a little slower on the uptake. I probably turned redder than any of them did though!


Lisa said...

I love it! Your skin tends to thicken with all this crap!

Suz said...

Oh God! Poor DH!!

Hopefully the last time his parents feel so free to interogate!