Saturday, January 22, 2005

happy HSG

Had my HSG yesterday. It wasn't too bad. Took the radiologist ~5 minutes to find my cervix, which was interesting. Two things I found amusing - first, the tech who was helping draped my lower body entirely in towels. So all I was to the radiologist was a vagina. I thought it was a funny way of depersonalizing the procedure...

So they got me all set up, catheter in the right place, balloon blown up, then the radiologist and the tech both left the room and came back in wearing their lead aprons. I couldn't stop laughing for five minutes - the radiologist's apron was in a camoflage pattern!

The test itself was fine, I felt a few minor cramps, but nothing unbearable. Watching on the screen was neat. It looked to me as if the bottom of my spine was crooked - I wonder if that has anything to do with the muscles of my back being so tight. I'll have to ask the chiropractor when I go again on Monday.

I've gotten to see so much of my insides over the past few months. One of the fun side effects!

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