Thursday, January 27, 2005

snow sucks... but it keeps me from exercising!

I hate the snow. I am getting repetitive stress injury / carpal tunnel in my left wrist from all the damned shovelling I've had to do. let's see... Had to shovel when I got home last Wednesday night (can't pull into my driveway with *any* snow on it 'cause it's too steep). Thursday morning - more snow overnight. Saturday evening, trying to get a jump on the blizzard (8in). Sunday morning towards the end of the blizzard (somewhere between 0 and 48 inches, depending on drift size). Sunday evening after it had finally stopped snowing. Wednesday morning before leaving for work. Wednesday evening getting home from work. This morning, clearing up the last of it. GGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That's eight time's I've had to shovel the driveway in the past week. Most of them by myself too, 'cause hubby's away for work. Mostly in Charlotte NC which is at least a little warmer than here, although this week he's in Minneapolis...

There is NO place to put the damn stuff anymore.

I suppose the good thing about it is that (aside from the shovelling), it has really kept my exercising down the past week. No hockey over the weekend, no hockey on Tuesday, no game yesterday - it's actually been over a week since I've been out on the ice, which hasn't happened in a *long* time. Probably not since we went to AUS / RSA for 5 weeks in '03. Not playing has not come without its frustrations however...

What REALLY ticked me off? I didn't want to drive in on Weds morning this week, but had to because we had a hockey game in the evening, and I needed to bring my equipment and the team jerseys. I didn't know it was supposed to start snowing in the morning, I was under the impression the snow wasn't going to start until evening. So I woke up late. For snow anyway - 7:30. (*&@#$ shovelling meant that I didn't leave the house until 8:30. Then it took me an hour and a half to get to work. Yes, you read that right. NINETY minutes to go 8 miles. It usually takes 20! FUCK. I practically could have walked there in that time. And then (I'm sure you can see what's coming here) the fucking hockey game was cancelled. Yes. Cancelled. Basically, I completely wasted two hours of my life (the 30 min of shovelling + the 90 min of driving). AND I didn't get to play hockey.

Did I say that I HATE snow???

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