Tuesday, January 18, 2005

my cheapness bites me in the ass...

Back in November when I had to decide which health insurance to go with, mine or hubby's, we decided to go with his - my company actually pays you a small amount ($31/paycheck) if you have health insurance through another avenue, i.e. a spouse. So we end up getting our health insurance for next to nothing, with that reimbursement.

Of course, his company is located in CA, and doesn't cover fertility treatments. Where mine is located in the great state of MA and does. Of course, that doesn't matter at this point, because the only way to change from one to the other is through 'a qualifying change in family status'. I don't think wanting to have a baby counts. Grrrr... If only I'd known!

The only thing covered by his insurance is "Diagnosis and treatment of underlying medical cause of infertility when provided by or under the direction of a Physician."

I'm *hoping* that at least one cycle of the hormones / associated monitoring can be covered under that guise. I really wish there were more info available about hypothalamic amenorrhea. I've found some articles about its association with leptin levels, and treatment by recombinant leptin - of course, that's not an approved treatment so the only way to get it is through some kind of clinical trial. Other than that? Not much. I asked my RE about testing my leptin levels, she said they're probably low but knowing that won't make the treatment any different.

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