Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I wish there were more people in blog-land with my problem. My gyn told me "gain some weight, don't exercise so much, and you'll probably get your period back". My RE completely disagreed, and seems to think we should go ahead with hormone treatments. I'd like to know, if I do gain weight (actually that part's taken care of, I'm back to what I was before I decided to lose anything), how long before I get my period? Right away? Months? Years? It would be nice to know what other people's experience is. I know that there are others, they have to do the clinical studies on someone, right? I just can't find anyone.

Speaking of my RE, going to see her today to discuss next steps. M had his SA on Friday (I felt really bad for him he called me from there and said "Does it matter if I didn't get very much in there?" Apparently the logistics were tough - any suggestions? it's one thing to pee in a cup, but I can see how this might cause problems. tee hee). We've had all the other blood work done, so hopefully we're good to go.

My gyn didn't really seem to know about pulsatile GnRH at all, and wasn't aware that one of the leading clinics for it is right at MGH. So it'll be interesting to hear what the RE's take on it is, whether she knows about it, can do it, thinks it's a pile of crap...

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Lisa said...

I would certainly go with the advice from your RE, who will probably have more experience with patients like yourself. That's not to say that you can't get a second opinion from another RE if you don't like what you are told, because God knows REs don't know everything! It seems like you are doing all the right things - the blood work, the SA. My husband has had to do several SAs, and he always does them at home and brings it in to the center within the hour. If he had to do it there, I know he would be a lot more uncomfortable about it. Good luck with everything, and hopefully your RE will soon determine why your period has not yet returned.