Thursday, February 24, 2005

Nosy bitch.

I've been really ticked off with one of my friends. There's a group of six of us who have known each other since high school and still get together on a regular basis. So one of the 'girls', "Marge" (I still think of us as girls, even though we're all over 30!)emails all of us last year around October, saying that she's thinking about starting a family at some point, and what are the rest of us thinking.

I was pretty honest about what was going on with me - i.e. not having gotten my period for 3 months (at that point), and really hoping that I could, so I could start "trying". I figured, if you can't tell your friends and depend on them for support, why are they your friends? I expressed that sentiment - and it led to one of the other emailees ("Jess") telling us that she had actually been trying for three years, including Clomid, IUI's... with no luck, and no diagnosis. Others emailed that they weren't ready yet, or were waiting for something else to happen first... I thought it was really nice that we could all be so open and honest with each other.

But then I realized that Marge, who had asked the initial question, hadn't told us anything about *her* plans. So I emailed her specifically and asked. She had started it after all, so I thought it was only fair. She responded that 'oh, I think I'll start trying around April'. Or something like that.

A month or two later, Jess announces that she's pregnant! Managed to do it the good old-fashioned way. SO happy for her :-)

But then Marge emails the next day to say that she's pregnant too. I was (and still AM) really hurt, upset, angry with her. Not for getting pregnant on her first fucking month of trying (okay, that ticks me off too), but for being so nosy about other people's business and yet not reciprocating. At all. It probably pisses me off more than it would if it were someone else, 'cause Marge has been nosy all her life... but *still*. I kinda want to say something to her, but at the same time I don't know if it's worth it. Gah.

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