Thursday, January 13, 2005


I visited a very good friend of mine down in Baltimore this past weekend. We were talking about my amenorrhea, and she mentioned that at her chiropractor's office there are a number of testimonials on the wall from women who had been treated there for amenorrhea and gotten their periods. Who knew?

So i did a little research on the internet, and actually found a bunch of articles talking about treatment of amenorrhea through chiropractic care. Apparently, studies have found a connection between problems in the lumbar area (lower back) and amennorhea.
As I had been thinking for a while about going to see a chiropractor for some mild pain in my shoulder blade, I figured 'what the heck'.

So, i found a chiropractor near me, and had my first appointment yesterday. First we talked about my history and what i want to get out of going there. Then she did a bunch of quick tests to check my range of motion and if I was experiencing any pain. Range was excellent, and the only mild discomfort I felt was when she had me cross my arms over my chest, twist to the right, then she applied pressure.

Then she started with the adjustments. The first thing she noticed was that the muscles running down the right hand side of my lower back are totally tense and full of knots. No way to even perform the adjustment without working some of them out.

(ah-ha, i say - connection between low back and amenorrhea!)

So she spent probably 10 or 15 minutes working on that, then did some spinal adjustments - the back cracking part. She was surprised at how much tension was still left after she did that, given that when she adjusted my neck it immediately became much less tense.

Boy did I feel good afterwards. She wants to see me three times a week for a couple of months - I think I'm really going to enjoy this!!!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I just got off b/c at the end of May thinking I would get pg right away. Not happening that way. I have only had one period since being off the b/c and that was in July. I have really never had a period w/out being on b/c. So my gyn just started me on the Provera Challenge for the second time, first time was 10 years ago. I was doing a search online for some information and came across your blog, it has been very informative. I have had lower back pain for a while now. Had to go to the doc 2 mos ago and he suggested physical therapy and I have been putting it off. I think after reading your blog I am going to call the doc tomorrow and schedule an appt. I will try just about anything at this point. My friends don't understand what it is like not having a period and the pregnancy tests coming up negative, it is all so misleading and disappointing. So, thank you again.

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