Saturday, October 01, 2005

East / West differences

Some things I've noticed out here in the pacific northwest that have made me smile / comment:

1. Fines in Seattle: $101 for blocking an intersection or not wearing a seatbelt. Not $100, but $101 - what's up with that?

2. Fines in Seattle: $46 for jaywalking. And apparently it is enforced, because *no-one* walks against the light. For a Bostonian, that is just bizarre!

3. People out here drive like snails. If the speed limit is 60, most people are actually doing less than that. Again, for an east coaster used to doing 80 no matter what the limit is (at least on the highways), totally weird. And we did get a speeding ticket ;-)

4. Sign on a Vancouver bus: "Out of service - sorry!". Sorry? That boggled my mind!

5. On my initial look at Vancouver it seemed like a really old city to me. Then I realized it's because all the tall buildings (office and residential) have frames on every window pane. Makes the buildings look really different from the more smooth glass / no frames I'm used to from the east.

6. Best reason for going to Canada - tomato sauce (ketchup) potato chips, Aero bars, Smarties and Cadbury's mint crisp. All junk food I grew up with in South Africa, can't get in the states. YUM!

7. It's not nearly as green out here as I expected. Especially on our drive south of Portland to my aunt and uncle's house, everything just looked parched. And I understand now why New England is known for the fall colors - the trees have changed colors here, but there's hardly any red (maples and oaks), which is what really makes it stunning. I always wondered why the trees didn't change color in the fall in other parts of the country ;-)


thalia said...

I've never been to vancouver but it's definitely on my list. Sounds like you had a great trip!

Chee Chee said...

I've never been north of San Francisco. Things are different than they are here in the Northeast. Buses that say "Sorry - out of service!" Ha! Not here!

k #2 said...

Welcome home! Sounds like your trip filled your sweettooth desires! Isn't it fun to visit other parts of the US -- especially when you have to remind yourself that you are still in the US. Our country has such diversity!

I am supposed to go to Vancouver next Summer for a friend's wedding. I am looking forward to it, now!

T said...

You can get aero bars and some chips/crisps (depends on what kind) at irish import shops or star/shaw's international aisle. I can get you a good deal on some malteasers too. heh, heh.