Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Advice needed!

u/s this morning showed lining at 6.5mm, follicles at 14, 12, 10, 9 plus a bunch of little ones. e2 of 247. They told me to do the same Repronex shot tonight (1.5 vials), and Ovidrel tomorrow night.

This is almost certainly our last IUI before going to IVF (M is away for the critical week in November).

My previous cycles my biggest follicle was at 16, 15 and 15 mm when I was told to do one more shot then the Ovidrel. So with my biggest one only at 14 this time, I feel like I'll only get one mature egg - and given that previous cycles have not worked with more than that, I don't think this is optimizing our chances. Especially with my lining only at 6.5.

I did call the nurse back and ask about waiting one more day (and had to struggle not to bawl right then and there on the phone), but haven't heard back yet. Am I being stupid? Should I push for another day, or just go with what they're telling me and chill out?

Updated: Just spoke with the nurse again. She says I have two 14mm follicles and two 10's. So the 14's should be "good to go tomorrow". So why was it that this morning Dr. Handsome (yes, him again) said a 14 and a 12? ARGH! I suppose maybe they looked at the films again and remeasured?

I guess all I can do is chill. And hope. With maybe a prayer or two thrown in there for good measure.


k #2 said...

AUGH! Isn't it so frustrating that each cycle is so different. My last one had my lowest sperm count ever (like 35 million total when previous ones were 150 million total). I thought there was no hope...and you know what happened there.

Your follies should grow 2 mm each day, so those 14 mm would be at 16 mm at trigger which is when they always trigger me. I have you at the top of my list for prayers tonight (well, after ovagirl).

T said...

Sorry for the frustration - can you get in touch with your RE to get clarification? Sometimes dealing with nurses is far too difficult. While you have her on the phone tell her your thoughts. Good luck!

Katie (WannaBeMom) said...

Praying-praying-praying-praying-praying-praying-praying-praying-- (plus a little identification thrown in to boot.)

Anita said...

Like Kate said, the 14mm should be 16mm at trigger so you are pretty much right on the mark.

Good luck with the IUI. Fingers crossed for you, and praying that you never have to go through IVF!!

Ova Girl said...


good luck with getting some beautiful eggs. sending prayers your way too. (Man that Dr Handsome needs a good slapping.)

thalia said...

Nico, I too would have wanted to wait another day, but what do I know. If you're still worried Id ask to speak to the doctor directly to understand what the downside is of waiting a day.

But whatever you decide, you've got some good looking follicles here, and it is only partially a numbers game. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

elle said...

Nico, sweetheart. First of all - argh ad infinitum that you have to have all this stress dumped on you in the first place! As for the follies, hmm, they triggered me at 18mm (I was on Clomid). When I had 2nd opinion RE, he said he would have triggered me at 20. There seems to be "ideal" sizes that depend upon what you are taking (e.g. Clomid, injectibles, etc.). Off hand I don't know what they are, but maybe Dr Google does? Either way - this is YOUR cycle, you can postpone trigger until you are happy with the reasons why. Definitely talk to your RE directly. GOOD LUCK sweetie - I will be praying for you.

Pamplemousse said...

Good luck, dearie! I hope that things work out OK. My clinic likes to see lining of min of 7mm so you are almost there. The trigger shot should hopefully fluff it up a bit too. Your E2 is definitely on the rise so those 14mms should rise to the challenge!

Laurie said...

I hope they were nice and big and fat today and all ready to go! Everything is crossed for you!!!!!