Monday, May 09, 2005

Pulling the trigger

After a few more days of Repro, I had another u/s on Sunday. My follicle was actually growing at the expected rate of 2mm/day AND my estradiol was at 207. Holy shit! So they told me to do the Ovidrel shot tonight.

As I was waiting for the magic 10PM hour to strike, I read through the entire package insert. Dork. Also stupid. Now I know that A) 10% of people don't actually ovulate after the Ovidrel shot, and B) of the 22% who do get pregnant, almost a third will miscarry. Idiot. I should have just stuck the damn needle in and been done with it.

1 comment:

WonderMama said...

Yay for trigger shots!!!

Boo for package inserts!!!

Fingers crossed for you this cycle!