Wednesday, May 11, 2005

IUI #1

10:25 this morning.

I have good feelings and bad feelings about it.

Good - a close friend of mine is doing her first IVF cycle and her embryo transfer happened at 10:25 this morning as well.

Good - M managed to do what needed to be done, and his numbers were way better than they had been for his two SAs. "Primo" according to the nurse.

Good - drew my heart again. Seemed to work for the follicle, can't hurt for the I.

Bad - no egg white in town.

Update 10/12: Bad - no definite temp rise this morning. 97.5. I've just looked at some charts on it seems like most people's temp goes up definitively 1 dpo, but there are a few who didn't. I guess I'll keep going. But at this point I just don't think I've ovulated.


Suz said...

Good luck!

Molly said...

I agree. See what happens tomorrow.

Ova Girl said...

Fingers and toes crossed...

susan / holdingpattern said...

I hope it worked, I really do.

(Also, I hope you don't mind if I pass on the "If I were a X" game, do you? It's been on my list of stuff to do and I've been procrastinating on it. Sorry.)