Monday, May 02, 2005

positive energy

I watched a movie called 'what the @#$%#', aka 'what the bleep' yesterday. It's all about quantum physics and reality, and how we can affect the world we live in. Not sure I entirely buy it, but...

There was this one part where the protagonist got all upset with herself and was screaming nasty things at herself in the mirror. Then she remembered back to another scene where a researcher had 'showed' that if you taped a nice thought to a bottle of water (like "love"), it made really pretty crystals when you looked at it under a microscope, but if you taped a nasty thought to it it looked all ugly and dirty. So she took a blue eyeliner and drew hearts all over herself. I liked that idea, so I drew a heart with my brown eyeliner over (approximately) where each of my ovaries is. Hoping that will send more good vibes. I know it's silly, but at this point I'm willing to try anything!


Molly said...

Aw . . . sweet. I believe it will work, so there!

WonderMama said...

I'm dieing to see this movie. So many people I know are talking about it.

I think its wonderful that your drew hearts over your ovaries.

I'm going to go draw a red lip-liner heart over my uterus right now!