Monday, August 06, 2007


Despite that I didn't really think that I had O'ed, based on my temps going back to my coverline 5 "dpo", I'm still a tiny bit bummed that the crimson bitch has not paid me a visit yet. (I think tomorrow is 14 "dpo"). And there is NO way that I'm pg, unless it was a virginal conception, so that's not it.

On one plus side (and WAY too much information, but it's my blog so too bad), I am having so much CM at the moment my panties were stuck to me tonight!

I'm planning on weaning Ant after his first birthday, which is in three short weeks. Un-fricking-real. I am continuing to believe that I've done what I needed to in not going crazy with weight loss post baby, and not exercising too much (ha, like that's even an option!), and that CB will make her much anticipated appearance a month or two (or even a few short weeks, can I dare to be so brazen?) after weaning is completed.

Since I stopped pumping while at work, and Ant stopped biting me, nursing has become a much more pleasant experience. Especially now, when speed nursing is the order of the day. 8 min one side, 4 min the other and we're done! He really likes to hold onto my arm when he's nursing now, I couldn't have imagined myself saying this even a month ago, but I'm going to miss it. I'm going to miss the feeling of that little hand patting my arm, and waving in the air searching for it when I go to pick up my book or my water bottle. Ant pointing at the nursing chair making the milk sign first thing in the morning, and the flapping of his arms when he sees me come in at night after Dad has read the bedtime stories, because he's so excited for his bedtime milk. Weaning is going to be a little harder than I imagined, I think. For both of us. So even though I'm excited to start cycling again (positive thinking, positive thinking), I'm a little nostalgic as well.


Emma B. said...

I'm in just the same place, getting a little bit of a pang when I think that I only have a couple more weeks of nursing left. There are parts of it I won't miss at all, but I do love the closeness, and the way it comforts them after any upset.

I don't have that much hope for the appearance of the Bitch, though. I never did spontaneously cycle, and I have other hypothalamic-axis issues (i.e. thyroid), so I'll be surprised if it comes back, regardless of weight/exercise. I'm a little sad that I probably still won't get my period back even though I'm giving up nursing for it.

Jessie said...

He's a year old already? Seriously? Where has the time gone?

Little Boy is 5 and I still miss the one on one time of nursing him. The way you describe him is just adorable.

I hope CB shows up soon for you, Nico!

T said...

Aw, I'm sorry - I'm sure you will miss it. But soon will come the hugs and kisses (if he's not doing so already) to make up for it.

It's sad though, they're growing up so fast (why didn't the first three months go by this quickly?).

Eva said...

I love what T said -- the first 3 months, that's when time needed to fly by!

I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to at least cut back on nursing at one year (since S&J still nurse every 2 hours at 11 months!) and visit daycare less, etc. It's crazy we're having to think of these things already.

It sounds like Ant is so sweet nursing, but I'm sure he'll find other ways to snuggle and be close. I have heard that sometimes post nursing, there are more tender moments because you know he isn't coming to you just for milk.

soralis said...

Just catching up, wow I can't believe he's almost a year old!

Good luck with weening and trying for a 2nd!

Katie said...

Tag, you're it :)

lucky #2 said...

Period Watch: I feel like I am watching a science experiment!?! :)

Ant Watch: 1 year flies, doesn't it?!?!