Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Accidental weaning.

The only time I can manage to get some exercising in is first thing in the morning. So of the three days I go to work, I head to the gym first Mon/Thur, and play hockey on Tuesday mornings. The hockey is tough with nursing because I need to leave before Ant gets up. I used to dream feed him, but these days, if I pick him up to nurse he wakes up. So that's no good. The last few weeks M has been giving him a bottle when he gets up, and I've pumped at work.

Today was a bit of a funny day, because it turned out my mom hurt herself and couldn't come to babysit. So rather than going to work after hockey, I came back home. Fully intending to pump - but didn't! Ant has been asking for more milk every morning when he's finished nursing anyway, so it's clear that my supply is no longer keeping up with his demand. And after a day off, I can imagine it's going to be even worse. So we might be down to just one nursing session a day, by default.

I'm almost considering stopping now, but I want to be able to say that I nursed for a year. Being part of that 11% or whatever it is. Stupid, I know!


DD said...

At least you are on the last two weeks of that year (give or take a day).

It's most certainly not stupid. It's a goal and that's is an admirable one.

tonya said...

BF can be hard, and I think it's great you've made it this far. We beat ourselves up over sooo many things as women; hopefully this won't be one of them for you much longer.

(And can I just say, way to go on the exercise routine? I *still* haven't got that one right yet)

soralis said...

I can't imagine trying to keep up supply when working. We are so lucky in Canada to be able to take a year off.

Good luck

lucky #2 said...

You've done great to go this long girl. I can totally understand wanting to make it to the year goal. That's how I felt about making it to 12 weeks of BF. You....12 months! Pat on the back, girl!

Katie said...

I'm not a mom yet, and can't really contribute to the nursing topic, but just wanted to say good for you for early morning exercising! That is impressive :)

Em said...

I'm all about making it to a year, too, so I don't think it is silly at all.