Monday, August 27, 2007

New score in - wolves 2, Nico - jackpot!!!

Chain of evidence:

Temp way down yesterday.

Signs of an imminent yeast infection. Lovely.

Some cramping in the am - felt much more like CB cramps than GI... ???

Purchased 1-day yeast infection treatment last night.

Used it.

Pantyliners today to deal with the drippage.

Lots of drippage.

Lots and LOTS of drippage.

Getting more and more pink-ish through the day????

Explanation number one - some wierd fungal disease turning my lady bits pink.

Explanation number two - crimson bitch?

End of day check suggests number two. Only a five day LP, but holy shit! An LP!!! An ovulation that I caught!!! The renowned crimson bitch paying a visit (with thanks to Mollywogger for a much better term than AF)!!!!!!



PiquantMolly said...

Well! Look at you, all independently ovulating!

And -- you're welcome. ;)

DD said...

Celebrating a, you're weird.

Good thing I like you mucho much.

S said...

Ok, never thought I'd be saying this, but YEAH FOR CB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess we know what you are doing next month? ;)


Eva said...

How funny that now you are cheering for CB, after I imagine, having not wanted to see her many a month.

But good for you! Maybe you'll have to change the name of your blog, add a 31: period!

Emma B. said...

Super-wonderful! Maybe it's my turn next...

A said...

Look at you all ovulating and stuff.