Friday, August 17, 2007

The girl who cried "O, AF" (updated)

I have been obsessing. And obsessing. And trying not to obsess, but not managing. As is probably clear from the tenor of my last few posts.

Yesterday my back was hurting me which is my usual PMS symptom. I was initially writing it off as being due to the weeding I'd done the night before. But then I was sitting in a meeting, and started feeling all crampy. I totally couldn't concentrate on the meeting, all I could think was "maybe AF tomorrow????" "what if..." "do we want to start trying already?".... and so on and so on.

Then, I went to the loo, and lo and behold, EWCM?!?!?!? Quite stretchy, around an inch or so. So then I was thinking, maybe ovulation really is just around the corner this time??? Clearly my body is trying to do *something*.

I got home and actualy peed on a leftover OPK I had. No sign of any kind of second line whatsoever. Oh well.

Today's TP adventure, however - I have never ever seen so much CM, EVER. So I think I'm going to buy some more OPKs on my way home and try again.

Did I say that I'm obsessed???
So I purchased a 20 pack of OPKs on my way home. Peed as soon as I arrived. That nervous anticipation you all know so well - and the result? A "light of a thousand suns" second line. WTF? I always thought that EW was related to LH, but I guess not! Must be estrogen??


Em said...

Ah, yes, obsessing. I know it well. With that much cm, it certainly sounds like something is happening. Hope you have enough lh for a line today.

soralis said...

Good luck!

Eva said...

Good luck! It brought back memories to read this post but wow it seems like a long time ago! I hope you get that second line on the OPK... the only second line I saw for many months, lol!

Jenn said...

Have fun! I'm on CD 74 and have been having EWCM since about day 23.

tonya said...

Boy do I sure know about buying (and using) multi-packs of at-home tests!

Hope you continue to see positive signs in this regard.

Em said...

I would say that your estrogen levels must be up, but lack of lh stumps me. Since you have 20 OPKs, you may as well keep testing to see if you can catch a surge.