Monday, July 30, 2007

Spoke too soon?

I never imagined that I might actually ovulate and see the Crimson Biatch before I stopped breastfeeding. It's funny how quickly my expectations can be reset. With the CM and temp rise all of a sudden it was a possibility... and now I'm finding myself obsessing. I've taken my temp almost every day since! I even entered my 'data' into FF, with my pre-O temps from a previous cycle. FF did give me an O date, but I'm still not convinced. My temp this morning was only 97.3 and that was after going downstairs to move a sprinkler and back upstairs again. Argh! I keep telling myself it's really not that long to wait until next weekend when CB would theoretically show up - but I just want to KNOW.

I'm so not good at waiting!


Anonymous said...

2 week waits always stink, don't they?

Be patient, my friend, be patient. :)


Katie said...

You had me laughing at work over the "Crimson Biatch"...I have never found a name that suits my Aunt Flo but I think I might just have to borrow Crimson Biatch from you. :)

Nico said...

Katie, I cannot take credit - Crimson Bitch was coined by Molly, over at It's just perfect, isn't it?

T said...

Oh waiting,waiting, waiting - hideous stuff!