Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Looking good!

I am sitting here trying desperately to hold my excitement in check. I decided on a lark to take my temp this morning, and it was 97.8, about .8 higher than my usual pre-O temps (although I haven't been taking them this 'cycle'). And, no CM to speak of.

I think I might actually have ovulated!?!?!?!

Holy shit, batman.

I'll take my temp again tomorrow and see what that's like - and then I guess I'm in a 2ww! (Zero chance of being pregnant unless it was an immaculate conception, but 2 weeks until I find out if CB show up!)

Can it really be true?


S said...

Here's to the CB! :-)

Emma B. said...

Oh, my goodness, that would be exciting indeed.

Jenn said...


Anonymous said...

Great news! It looks like the pregnancy and you taking care of yourself may have realigned your system to work correctly! My fingers are crossed.


Em said...

Great news!

Lori said...

That would be fantastic! I hope the 2ww gives you the answer you're hoping for!!!