Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Phred's personality - stubborn already!

Well, I had my 36 week appointment this morning, with an ultrasound to see exactly how Phred is lying in there. The verdict? "Complete breech". If you google it you can find some pictures, although none of them are exactly right. Phred's head is over on my right side, with the back pointing more towards the top of my uterus, and feet right down by my cervix. So maybe a combo of transverse and complete breech? I had been thinking that Phred's head was over at the top left of my uterus, but I was wrong about that - although exactly right about where the feet are!

The u/s tech also did measurements to figure out how big Phred is, and came up with 5lb 14oz, in the 25th percentile. Which is good, as it gives the external version (which will be scheduled for next Weds or Thurs, assuming that acupuncture / chiropracty / lying with my butt in the air haven't worked by then) a better chance of working than if he/she were oversized.

Nothing much else of note to report... I'm finding it harder to move around - sitting down and standing up require a bit more work these days. I also managed to acquire some hemmorhoids over the last few days, and the doc said that I can't expect that to clear up before delivery. Lovely. Ankle swelling isn't quite as bad now that it's cooler outside, but my ankle bones are still a bit hard to find. But all in all, that's not too much to whinge about.


k #2 said...

36 weeks -- WOW! I can't believe how close you are! I am sure Phred will do an acrobatic flip just in time for Phred's dramatic entry!

Hoping said...

36 weeks already? I remember when you were 12 weeks and could feel the top of your uterus just like it was yesterday!!!!! hope phred phlips for you.

S. said...

I can't believe you're 36 weeks now! Time flies!
I'm so excited - Phred will be here soon!

One Mother's Journey said...

I guess I'm in shock over the 36 week thing... 36 weeks?! When did that happen?? That was the fastest pregnancy ever! lol. Yikes about the breech thing - I hope he/she decided to turn for you. Spin baby spin!

soralis said...

36 weeks... it won't be long now. Hope Phred flips over for you!

Take care

DD said...

Let's hope that Phred doesn't "spin" too much. S/he won't know which end is up when the time comes!

The estimate of Phred's size is just a couple ounces bigger than what X was when he was born term. Funny, isn't it?

Rebecca said...

Wow, I can't believe you're at 36 weeks! Time definitely flies.

I hope Phred learns some acrobatics in the next week or so and turns around.