Monday, August 14, 2006

Phlipping? Not so much.

Our first attempt at moxibustion was on Saturday. It was interesting, basically my acu lit a coal of some kind of herb, and burned it next to my pinky toes for 15 min each. It wasn't painful at all, somewhat to my surprise. And it did do something - almost as soon as she brought it close to my toe, my face got really warm. But as far as encouraging Phred to be more active and/or flip, I'm dubious on the first, and the second certainly did not occur.

We're going to try again this evening, this time I'm going to ask her to use needles as well, based on a couple of papers that I found that used both. She wouldn't do it until I was 37 weeks, though, and most of the papers about it seem to suggest that it be done between 33 and 35 weeks, so it may be too late. (Which really irks me because I had an appointment with her where I was expecting her to try it, at 35 weeks, but she said she wanted to wait because "it could induce labor".) There's also another paper that I found that suggested doing it every day for two whole weeks! Why can't people just agree on a procedure, instead of there being umpteen variations so you can never be sure that your practitioner is doing it "right"?

Speaking of doing it right, I'm not seeing the chiro anymore - when I originally mentioned that I was going to try someone versed in the "Webster technique" for turning babies, one of the commenters mentioned that she had it done, and that the chiro didn't need to touch her belly for it. And then I read the same thing somewhere else. Well this chiro, although she was listed as a chiropractor trained in the technique WAS using her hands on my belly, and it just made me uncomfortable. Although not enough that I didn't go a few times, but it just seems like she wasn't following the technique properly either. GAH!

I'm still keeping hope that tonight's acu/moxi will work, but if not, I have a version scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. If THAT doesn't work either, I'll see if I can find another chiro around here who's Webster certified... and actually spend a little more time talking to him/her to ensure that they'll be doing what I expect they should, instead of blindly going along with it.


Watson said...

Hi Nico,

Good luck on the moxi, I hope that (and maybe some needles) does the trick!

S. said...

Good luck! Hoping Phred turns soon!

soralis said...

Good luck with the flipping, hope Phred decides to flip over soon!

Take care

One Mother's Journey said...

Uuggh Nico. I hope it works. Good luck.

VanillaDreams said...

Hmmm, I have to say, I really don't understand how moxibustion would help turn a baby in utero. I have had a lot of moxibustion done on myself when I was going for regular acupuncture (well over a year ago). The only reason I was being "moxied" was that I had severely low thyroid (while on Synthroid meds), and I was cold nearly all the time. My Acu was doing it to try and "warm me up" literally. So, moxi really is just burning of herbs near your skin to "warm up" the blood and increase circulation.....I just don't see the link between this and flipping babies?? :)

Perhaps someone can explain it to me?

In any case, I hope SOMETHING you try works for you, since you are trying so hard to get that baby to turn! ;)

Just keep in mind that even if the baby does turn, you still might need a c-section regardless, so don't be too disapointed if that happens. I have several friends and relatives whose babies looked to be in "correct" positions, but still required a c-section for other reasons.

In any case, lots of luck and best wishes your way!!! :)

Take care,

pixi said...

Well, I hope something worked already. But if you are doing the version this afternoon -- good luck. I'll be hoping for you.