Thursday, August 17, 2006

Houston, we have a schedule...

After reading a bunch more, thinking a lot, taking all your comments into consideration (I cannot tell you how much hearing all your thoughts really helped! I'm a little too emotionally invested.), we decided that going ahead with the scheduled c-section really is the best course of action.

So, unless I happen to go into labor beforehand, or Phred magically gets the right idea and turns head down, he/she will be joining us on 8/30, at around 8:30. How cool is that? We have to arrive at 6am, so I'm going to ask them if it's at all possible to go up to the OR slightly early so that Phred really can be born at 8:30. If you're going to schedule, you might as well go all out, right? ;-)

It's really bizarre, for me, to know that 8/30 is Phred's likely birthday. Not something I ever thought I would know in advance. I'm going to take a couple of days off work before the birth-day, so my last day will be next Friday. It's funny, I really feel like this has just snuck up on me. I only have six working days left! I okayed all of that with my boss, so we're good to go.

You know what really irks me though? A couple of women at work decided to organize a baby shower (on 8/27) for three of us who are due between now and mid-October. They sent out an evite to everyone. My boss replied that she wouldn't be able to make it, and perhaps since I'm scheduled for a c-section on 8/30, they should make the date earlier. You could have bowled me over with a feather. Am I wrong in finding it completely and totally inappropriate for her to put that on a website for... oh... 20 of my 'closest' coworkers to find out?


VanillaDreams said...


Congrats on coming to a decision! And, may I also say, GREAT DATE!!! ;) That is my wedding anniversary, and my dad's birthday! ;D

And yes, I agree, that was NOT appropriate for your boss to publicize your c-section date! That is private information, and should only have been shared if she had okay'ed it with you first!

I would mention that to her, if I were you...

Anyway, congrats again! I will be thinking of you on my wedding anniversary! ;)


Sassy said...

That was really inappropriate of your boss, but she was probably just trying to make sure you didn't miss out. She really should have left it to you though.

I can't believe you have a date now. It seems so close. You must be so excited. Although I'm still hoping there'll be some flipping action so you can have the birth you wanted. :)

One Mother's Journey said...

Sounds like you made a great call. I'm still holding out hope that Phred will phlip - but if he/she doesn't, it certainly can't be said you didn't try everything possible.

You boss was clearly inappropriate in saying anything but I suspect it was done innocently enough. I'd still mention it to her because she should know she crossed a line. Those damn fertiles don't think of things like that. They get pregnant and don't consider anything but the fact they will end up with a baby in 9 months.

Enjoy these last few days alone together and catch up on your sleep... you're going to need it!!

Good luck!!

Chee Chee said...

Nico, I am so excited for you!!!! I'm a summer baby too (today's my b'day actually), so I think an August birthday is awesome. The end of August is great too, so that hopefully, little Phred's classmates will be back from vacation and ready for all those birthday parties at your house!!!!

Thanks for checking in on me. We are trying to work things out . . . we'll see.

S. said...

I know how you feel in regards to knowing Phred's birth day. It was the same for K when they scheduled my induction. Kind of bizarre because it feels like you're in on some plan that you shouldn't be in on. LOL Does that make any damn sense?! :P

Congrats and I'll keep hoping that Phred will flip.

DD said...

Obviously your boss is Fertile.

pixi said...

Yeah, that was a little nervy. I'm sure she didn't realize that she was volunteering too much of your personal info, but still. She's your boss. She's supposed to be cautious that way.

Wow, 8/30 is less than two weeks away. Of course, we're all still hoping for the miracle phlip, but either way Phred will be here mighty soon. And you'll be a mom! That's the coolest thing!

AnotherAmy said...

Oh and Phred is so close too! My second had his legs arms and head facing down and his back up towards my head. (lovely to have your cervix pinched and kicked isnt it?) but he slid head down durring contractions. Its as if hes just a few inches off! With a c section though, you know everything will be ok, and when. Something that is quite a luxury really.

k #2 said...

Yeah -- an actual due date!!!!

I missed your previous post...but I had a C-section and it really wasn't too bad! And, you will be AMAZED at how quickly Fred arrives once they start.

I am now 8 weeks out and have felt normal since before 6 weeks. Yes, I still have some muscle pain, but think I would regardless as my stomach muscles try to rebuild. So, you will be exercising again before you know it!

Kath said...

Dear Nico, I am glad that you have a date now -- though I am sorry that Phred hasn't phlipped on his own.

Your boss did go a bit too far there, though she seemed to do it with good intentions. (How often we make allowances like that!)

8/30 is a great date -- and so very close!!

fisher queen said...

So soon! How exciting!

soralis said...

Glad to hear you have something scheduled just in case you need it.

Take care and good luck. Sorry that your boss didn't keep your information to herself.

Katya said...

Hi Nico
I have been reading your blog (and other infertility blogs) for a while and have found them really interesting. I haven't commented before though. I was interested in your choice of c-section date as I am British and in Britain August 30th would be avoided like mad as a due date. The reason is that in the UK the school birth year starts on Sept 1st. So a child born at the end of August would always be the youngest in their class at school and in some ways would be struggling to keep up - so people here if they are scheduling c-sections would choose early September so their child could be one of the oldest children in their class instead. I realise the system in the US is probably quite different but just thought you might be interested to know that. Best of luck with your baby, hope everything goes well for you!

Nico said...

Hey Katya,

Thanks for commenting! September 1 is the cutoff for most schools around here as well, but you can always choose to have your child wait a year to go to school. If they miss the cutoff date though, they have to wait for the following year. So I figure an August date gives us the option to go either way, depending on how ready we think Phred is for school when that time comes. So in England you HAVE to send your child in the year they turn (5 or 6), even if you don't think they're ready yet?

Katya said...

Hi Nico

In the UK, if you have a child with a late August birthday, you are not allowed to delay their school entry by a year, unless there are exceptional medical circumstances. (I am a primary school teacher so I know!) Children here now start school the year they turn 5, in two batches - that is, all children turning 5 between Sept-Feb must start school in Sept, and all children turning 5 between March-August must start in the January before their 5th birthday. They enter in the class known as the "Reception" year. This means that by the next September, the whole class will be aged 5 by the time they enter Year 1, then they are all 6 when they enter Year 2, etc. Sorry if this is too much information, don't want to bore you!