Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Had my CD3 ultrasound this morning (following a two hour crying jag on Sunday when I was convinced that my body had been completely fucked up by the fat pills and I wasn't going to get my period after all that, just a lovely brown shmutz). $333 for two minutes with the magic wand. Seems like a waste to me. I keep trying to tell these doctors - everything.looks.the.same. Uterine lining at 3.6mm... same as every other time.

Anyway, got the go ahead to start my Repro injections, so I did the first one tonight. It wasn't too bad, the hardest part was actually pushing the liquid in, I started shaking a bit with that. Not enough to do any damage, fortunately.

So we're on our way. Think good egg thoughts for me, will ya?


WonderMama said...

I will be sending you the eggiest of thoughts!
And congrats on your first injection! I'll be doing my own too, as my husband is phobic about needles.

Sue/holdingpattern said...

contrats on the period and good luck with this cycle. don't you just love bloody ultrasounds.

Molly said...

May your eggs be fat and happy. :)